Xperia 10 II + SFOS

Is this store trustworthy? At least the german variant looks not so with funny translations and even typos… And prices far beyond every other shop

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It usually works (kind of) if they have the same OS version.

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I have no first-hand experience with them, so I do not really know. :man_shrugging: Their reviews do not seem stellar.

PS does anyone here know if XQ-AU51 and XQ-AU52 Android support is more or less than 30 days away?

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Nobody knows, it will come at Jolla Time.

But looking at the small number of bugreports on this EA I doubt there will be another EA. I also doubt it will be more than 30 days away. I would expect to have some bugs get ironed out before a final release.

They say in the release notes it’s coming soon:

The free trial version of Sailfish OS is available for Xperia 10 II devices now in the early access phase. The commercial licences will be launched when OS release 4.1.0 rolls out to all users.


It shouldn’t take long, it seems quite release ready and if at that point commercial licenses are also offered then it is sooner rather than later. They must have, internally, had everything ready to announce it.

At those already running SFOS on the 10 ii: How is the performance? Any noticeable improvements compared to the XA2/10?

The System is not smooth. Battery is not as good when data connection is on. Some apps don’t work. Here We Go App, timetable, text correction does not work.

I don’t really have experience with X10. However, compared to XA2 the performance seems slightly better but not significantly. There are still some lagging and some sluggishness when scrolling and doing stuff on the UI, which is actually quite disappointing to say the least. I didn’t experience this kind of sluggishness / lagging on stock Android. However, this seems to be general issue with these devices running on SFOS. Seems like the rendering just isn’t smooth.

On the other hand, I found that the battery life and camera are good. I used it on 4G and Wifi with no major inconvenience. Camera of course on low light isn’t that good but it’s the same case with stock Android. Overall, I think the device is slightly better than XA2 (and maybe X10 as well) and I’m eagerly waiting to get the Android support and full license in general.


Yes, I guess poor performance or perceived performance is due to the ancient Qt version or something else in the software stack, rather than the device itself.

I can only compare to a Jolla 1. If a night and day compared to that and looks beautiful. However it is definitely not as smooth as an iPhone, especially the browser. Battery life seems OK. I went 3 days without charging. Albeit with not very frequent use. Data connection on, WiFi on, emails only updating manually (which is my setup on all devices).

Sad that Jolla Maps is no longer around, as well as a bunch of other apps.

Some bugs in signing into services (which I need to get round to reporting).


Alot of applications need tuning due to recent limitations on the security side.
I think if one good thing, it has shown how many actually are maintained.


How about the picture quality of rear camera(s)? I remember reading that from Xperia 10 (mark I) the quality is the same as in Android. How many cameras does SFOS recognise?

I remember reading somewhere that just the one at the moment. I took some pictures and the quality seemed pretty acceptable. I didn’t notice any major quality difference between Android for basic snapshots. But I haven’t used either side extensively for photography or video.

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The quality of the images seems to be similar, although the autofocus appears to be a bit more finicky in Sailfish. As @Setok wrote, only the main cameras (front and back) are supported for now.


Hmm… I have one question.

Manual says than it will be better, if I upgrade my phone to android 11, but later manual propose to use binaries from Android 10.0:

But Sony’s website offer updated images for android 11, with fixed issues and vulnerabilities:

MARCH 16, 2021

So, my question is: is it safe to use this outdated firmware drivers, and when new updated binaries will supported by SailfishOS? Thank you.

As I have already reported, my battery discharges quickly. The night lost 20%. Only wifi on. I want to do it again using a factory reset. But I can’t find this option anymore? Any advice?

I tested this on my Xperia 10 II using the Android_11_4.14_v4b_seine binaries. Even the flashing tool warns you if you try to install it directly with those binaries. However, it seems that network like wifi, sim cards or even camera are not working. Not to mention that the fingerprint didn’t work as well. Strangely, the UI / UX seemed to be smoother :thinking:.

I’m trying to reflash the system. Unfortunately it does not work. I suspect it’s the security code. Can you do a factory reset from the device? How can I deactivate the code? thanks