Modern Authentication (Oauth) support for the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync (e-mail, contacts, calendar)

As I use my Xperia X as a daily driver, it had been a pleasure to use my work e-mail and calendar with the native Jolla apps (e-mail calendar and contacts) thanks to the exchange support on Sailfish.
However as my employer has pushed successfully to a more secure environment by enforcing MFA / 2FA I am not able anymore to sync with my phone due to the fact that the Exchange Supported apps do not support Modern Authentication.

I raised a case with Jolla and after some e-mail back an forth they closed the case and wrote the following:

"The best thing you can do is to start a discussion / suggest a feature on the forum, as then it will get more audience and maybe there are other with the same interest and needs. That will then indicate for us that this is needed.

Jolla Customer Care"

So as @tehhel has already posted a request questioning support for Modern Authenticatons as Basic Authentication wil not be supported by Microsoft (Exchange environments)

There is a need for implementing Modern Authentication in the sailfish OS.
As I succesfully configured the SailOTP app as a token generator I can use the webbased (OWA) with 2FA. However a webbased client has a lot of drawbacks compared to a native integrated app on the phone.

So Iā€™m hoping that there a lot of users who can support this request so that these features can be available and implemented soon.