Missing Feature for SFOS 4.4

Most wanted: volte/5g (sip?)
Mouse support, external display (displaylink?)
Usb external soundcard/ dac support (midi?)
Traffic indicator Widget/ top bar (cpu/mem?)
X window environment for x11 apps (xwayland?)


This is not specific to 4.4 release but features I miss personally from SFOS in general (and it is very unlikely any of them will make an appearance in 4.4 anyway seeing the current pace of development):

  1. A Wallet app
  2. Ability to switch between Gecko and Qt Web Engine in the browser. Also making both of them up to date
  3. Ability to „install” web apps and PWA support. So even if a webapp is not a PWA at least let me pin it to the app grid then open it with full screen, like if it would be an actual PWA.
  4. Proper CardDAV and CalDAV support (Currently there are problems with iCloud)
  5. Ability to access Telegram Chat from the built in Messages/SMS app. Also the ability to access voice call feature of Telegram from the built in phone app. And finally the ability to see Telegram contacts from the built in contacts app.
  6. RCS (Rich Communication Services) support.
  7. Local WiFi Direct chat/call and data transfer with nearby devices. If two device on the same network, the OS would let the users to transfer calls, text and even data between them directly.
  8. LDAC support for compatible wireless devices.
  9. Support for external drives formatted as ExFAT. (Transfer data between SFOS and macOS is a big pain in the ass right now since FAT32 is the only format both OS supports)
  10. A built in Map app with offline support, and tiles from OSM.
  11. Built in Proton Mail and VPN support. (Isn’t SFOS a privacy oriented OS after all? :slight_smile: )
  12. Partnership with Huawei so they would provide their AppGallery (and HMS services) in a similar way Aptoide currently does. Maybe they would also consider making an SFOS phone too.
  13. Built in Chromecast support. (VLC does support it, so it shouldn’t have any legal issue about it.)
  14. Support Exposure Notifications Express.
  15. A new gesture to switch between apps directly. (basically a touch alternative for Alt+Tab)
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Some very nice ideas in your list, but let’s get pratical : what issues are you facing with the CalDAV synchronisation ? Could you open a bug report ? If you have identified a specific event that breaks the synchronisation, could you upload here its ICS data ? Can you gather a full log of a failed synchronisation attempt ?


There is already a topic in the forum related to this.
The issue I found is that I’m unable to login to my iCloud account trough SFOS’ account service.
There is that generic CalDAV and CardDAV option in the accounts settings, I set up the data there, try to login, then it fails. I don’t know what is the root of the issue tho.

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Have you enabled any sort of 2FA woth Apple? From my and my brother’s experience with Apple, logging in to either “insecure” or outdated (i.e. Mac OS Snow Leopard up to Mavericks) programs requires a trick with 2FA, in which you enter the 6-digit security code following your password. Source here.

Modern Authentication (Oauth) support for the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync (e-mail, contacts, calendar).

More information in this thread. Also this thread relates to the issue.


Ah I see.
However I don’t receive any sort of notifications about login attempt when I try to set up my account so I can’t insert any 2FA code into my password.

I don’t use Exchange, so it’s unrelated.
I want iCloud to be working, and as it uses standard protocols it shouldn’t be an issue yet it is.

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Sorry, I wasn’t clear in my post. I was writing about another missing feature for SFOS 4.4, not commenting about missing feature mentioned by you.

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That list sounds more like 5.0 features than 4.4. Most of those are quite complicated or are better served as patches/3rd party apps. And X11 will almost certainly not be added to the core OS.

About 15.:

You can enable a quick switch gesture to switch between the last 2 opened apps by swiping the app away and continuing the swipe past the center of the screen using the following experimental dconf option:

dconf write /desktop/sailfish/experimental/quickAppToggleGesture true

See https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/quick-app-switch-gesture-finally-works-in-4-0-1-please-enable-it/ for more info. It can be a bit buggy and not sure if it will ever land in the OS.

I don’t think QtWebengine in the browser will ever happen. The gecko engine is continuously being updated and QtWebengine is a bit of a mess with the old Qt, still requires python2 and otherwise would add a lot of maintenance overhead. Also playing into that google monopoly is not that great. Similarly, RCS is a mess of a standard… I wouldn’t want to support it, but maybe at some point Sailfish will have to. :smiley:


At least the Telegram option became a bit obsolete at least for Europeans since many European countries (e.g. Germany) are about to ban/block it soon.
Some of the other feature you requested are already supported through third-party-apps, what is probably not the worst thing to do.

What do you mean? Why would they ban it? I thought mostly third world authoritarian states does this.

Some of the other feature you requested are already supported through third-party-apps, what is probably not the worst thing to do.

Which are mostly Android apps, and not integrated into the system, not to mention most of the things I wrote are should be part of the OS for the best possible UX and functionality, this is what I miss the most.

The rationale of German state is that antivax/fascist/etc use Telegram as a means of communication/Propaganda and the operator does not sufficiently monitor illegal statements like appeal for violence.

Of course this won’t lead to anything.


Hello, I have several suggestions.

  1. The possibility to attribute a specific calling sound to a contact. It was a standard feature in the 2000’ phones, so why is it not available in a modern smartphone ?..
  2. A nice feature would the support of dual camera for the Xperia 10, and in a general way, a better support of the common missing features for the Xperia (RTC alarms, FM radio, etc.)
  3. An OS release only for fixing the lot of existing bugs and also for the security patches.

Well hopefully the corona crises is over before the government would set up some antimeasures. There are countries actively blocking telegram, so, technically it’s no big deal implementing this kind of censorship. Of course this would still not prevent people from using vpns or other free /non centralised messenger protocolls (as in other countries with internet censorship in place), but that’s probably another chapter :slight_smile:

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Nobody mentioned the missing quick charge ability… Might be a kernel isssue, but is really nice to have!


There’s an app for adding Personal Ringtones here:


You can use any encrypted (like encrypted, not “lets call it encrypted and give keys to some random gov”) communication to spread b…llshit. Lets just ban encryption. :wink:
Thats so stupid its not even funny…

I use it quiet often. Works well for me.
I’d say it could be implemented as standard into 4.4
I’d just suppress/shorten the waiting time+vibra before the switch command happens.