File Browser support and feedback thread

This thread is intended for questions and feedback concerning File Browser.

File Browser is quite popular and questions are currently scattered around the Open Repos comments section, Jolla store comments, and Github issues. In this forum we have a place where detailed answers are possible that may benefit more users.

(Comments in any of the other channels are still very welcome, of course!)


  • Translations (contributions very welcome!):
  • Source code, issues, contributions:
  • Downloads, comments, details:

Previous questions:

You can find a detailed change log on Github.

There is also a FAQ covering some questions.

  • File Browser on Gemini PDA (and landscape mode in general): [hint: landscape mode is currently quite buggy] Update: a longstanding bug with landscape mode has been fixed in version 2.4.3.

  • How to use the “filter line” for filtering and searching files:

  • How to use File Browser for managing (sorting, deleting, moving, linking, …) many files at once:

Thanks for fixing the horizontal mode. I verified it on a Gemini PDA - it works.

Thank you for testing; that’s good to hear! :slight_smile: