File Browser support and feedback thread

This thread is intended for questions and feedback concerning File Browser.

File Browser is quite popular and questions are currently scattered around the Open Repos comments section, Jolla store comments, and Github issues. In this forum we have a place where detailed answers are possible that may benefit more users.

(Comments in any of the other channels are still very welcome, of course!)


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Previous questions:

You can find a detailed change log on Github.

There is also a FAQ covering some questions.

  • File Browser on Gemini PDA (and landscape mode in general): [hint: landscape mode is currently quite buggy] Update: a longstanding bug with landscape mode has been fixed in version 2.4.3.

  • How to use the “filter line” for filtering and searching files:

  • How to use File Browser for managing (sorting, deleting, moving, linking, …) many files at once:

Thanks for fixing the horizontal mode. I verified it on a Gemini PDA - it works.

Thank you for testing; that’s good to hear! :slight_smile:

Any chance of an official aarch64 bit build?
I can confirm that it builds just fine and runs out of the box on my Xperia 10 II.

Thanks for this thread … Maybe you saw my comment on Openrepos, but I am hoping for tab support, (select a file in a directory, switch tabs, go to other directory, paste, back to previous tab, select different file, switch to a 3rd tab, etc).
Besides that, I like solid bg for file manager, (plus a few other UI preferences), but I can probably do that…

Of course, hopefully this weekend once I’ve got some free time. And thanks for confirming :).

(Quote from

I was thinking about implementing two panes in horizontal mode. Copying files between multiple File Browser instances/windows is also on my radar.

I didn’t think of tabs yet. I’ll have to think about the best solution, any input welcome :).

Can you explain what you mean by that?


New question by @Levone1 (

Could you make it remember ‘show hidden’ globally? You basically have to enable it for each directory, and re-enable each time you use it…

Answer (

That’s already possible: swipe right to get to the global app settings. There you can enable “show hidden” by default, and you can disable folder-specific settings.

(Apparently I can’t edit the top post anymore…)

I’m generally not a big fan of the SF “glass” look, (I’ve ranted about it for years), but it is nice in certain situations… In a file manager, though, (and a text editor, which most devs seem to agree with)l I think especially that a solid bg is better, because it takes away any visual confusion / obstruction.
for example, here’s my tweaked skin for Mixplorer on Android

I had modded my Fileman qmls to be similar, using code for background, rectangle, etc,u but then Fileman got dropped, and so I statted using File-browser … I think a solid bg and colors for different elements is helpful.

I’m not necessarily stuck on those colors - just an example…

Here’s a visual of Mixplorer tabs (horizontal scroll to switch)

I generally like the glass look, even though (or because) it is a challenge as it takes quite a different design approach than what we’re used to on other platforms. I can see you point, though. Especially with lively wallpapers, an information-heavy screen can get a bit “messy”. The upcoming version of File Browser includes an option to enable a solid window background :slight_smile: .

This looks really interesting. I think this would make for a nice patch through Patchmanager, as it doesn’t follow Sailfish’s style guide but still looks nice. I never miss a chance to promote my patch tool :wink: (


I just noted that control elements (play/stop button and time ruler) are missing when opening videos from the file browser and starting play back.

This is a regerssion under SFOS 4.2

There are two ways to start playback of videos from the file browser: you can use the build in media player with a simple swipe to the left or you can open the video file from the top menu, thus invoking the Gallery app. I am talking about the latter case because - while in both cases, control elements are missing - directly playing back video files with the Gallery app or from Jolla’s file browser under settings → memory comes with the control elements.

So I am wonderig why Gallery app behaves differently depending on whether Gallery app is opend directly (or via sttings → memory ) or via the file browser.

File Browser’s built-in media player is deliberately kept very simple. It’s not meant to be a media player but rather a way to preview media files. I still want to add a few controls (e.g. a seek bar) but I didn’t have time for this yet.

I don’t know why Jolla’s gallery app behaves differently in some cases; I can’t reproduce this either (but I’m still on 3.4). File Browser simply runs xdg-open <file> so there’s nothing special to it. Maybe file a bug report for Jolla Gallery?

In the meantime, you can install a dedicated video player. IIRC there’s a good one in Openrepos.

Thank you for replying! That Gallery behaves differently depending from how it’s opened is what surprised me. I like the simple video player of File Browser so my post was merely about the strange behaviour of Gallery.

I was not sure whether this was something for a new thread before knowing how File Browser invokes Gallery

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