[4.2] [Xperia 10 II] Jolla-Gallery won't close properly / can't open video from file manager

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 100%
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product):
HARDWARE (XA2, X10, X10 II, …): X 10 II
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When opening a video in the Gallery app, it won’t close properly when exiting the video (swiping from the side of the screen). When I try to open another video with the file manager, I get the “Open successful. Sometimes the application stays in the background.” popup, but the gallery does not open as it is still running in the background.
I have to kill the current gallery process (e.g. ‘killall jolla-gallery’) to be able to open the video. This works once (I can open the video, but then have the same issue again).


jolla-gallery opened previously


  1. open the jolla-gallery
  2. minimize it by swiping from either side of the screen
  3. hold the screen and close the gallery thumbnail with the “x”
  4. try to open a video from the file manager


gallery opens and plays the video


“Open successful. Sometimes the application stays in the background.” popup on top of the screen, but gallery is does not open / play the video


I tried to debug the issue, but couldn’t find any relevant information regarding this issue in journalctl. Do I have to search somewhere else?

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After some investigation I believe that the issue is linked with my other one: [] [X10 II] Video player overlay missing from videos

I suspect that xdg-open is not fully adapted to jolla-gallery being run via firejail. My believe is that xdg-open can’t access the already running jolla-gallery process and also can’t spawn a new one since it is being run as single process:
/usr/bin/invoker -s --type=generic /usr/bin/sailjail -p jolla-gallery.desktop /usr/bin/jolla-gallery

I filed a ticket in jollas internal bug tracker for this issue.

This seems to be fixed in 4.3.
Thanks for taking a look into this @Jolla.

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