Apps by ichthyosaurus

I created/develop/maintain a handful of apps that are available on Openrepos and most of them also in Jolla’s Harbour store.

This thread is meant for discussions and support regarding my apps. Please prefer asking questions here instead of in the comments on OpenRepos or even the comments in Jolla’s app store. (I occasionally check the stores for new comments but Jolla doesn’t send email notifications.)

Some of my apps

Some of my QML libraries

File Browser

There is a separate thread for File Browser:


And another thread for my patches:


All of my apps are Free Software, with source code currently hosted on Github.

If you like my work, you can buy me or other developers a coffee - don’t forget to post in the big coffee thread.

Thank you all, and I hope my apps or one of my patches can make your life a little bit easier :slight_smile: .


Thank you so much @ichthyosaurus for the wonderful File Browser (I use the unlocked version from OpenRepos) and the very handy list. Saw now Captain’s Log and will try it.


Thank you for the nice words :slight_smile: . Just a shoutout to karip, who is the original author of File Browser until I took over in 2019! Captain’s Log was started by AlphaX2, and continued by me a few years ago.

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Captain’s Log - Very nice app! But I found something small that looks a little bit odd. In the german translation, on first start, there is the message on the screen:
Noch keine Einträge, Wischen Sie nach rechts, um Einträge hinzuzufügen
(No entries, swipe to right to add entries)
But I have to swipe left to do so (from right to left), because the New Entry page is located right of the Start/Main page.

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Oops :slight_smile: . I can’t decide which is better: “Wischen Sie von rechts, um …”, “Wischen Sie von rechts nach links, um …”, “Wischen Sie nach links, um …” - what do you think?

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Hi @ichthyosaurus,
Many thanks for having continued these apps.
As said in the coffee thread, I’m using the file browser and Captain’s Log very often.

I take this occasion as I have 2 questions since some time:

-Is there a way to enable the File Browser root version for a secondary user (the .desktop
file is already modified)
-Would there be a way that I could remove the cancel button which is present on the event edit page of Captain’s Log? Indeed, I sometimes write a big text and delete it by pressing cancel by accident.
It wouldn’t bother me if the only way to remove an entry is to delete it.

Thanks and cheers!

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I think, option 3 is the best (Wischen Sie nach links…), while option 2 is correct but too detailed description of what to do.

Thank you @ric9k, it’s always nice to get positive feedback :slight_smile:

If it actually worked on SFOS 4.x then I suppose it should automatically work for all users. The problem is just that it is currently broken on the latest SFOS and I didn’t make progress in finding the cause. It looks like it is running as root but it doesn’t get root privileges…

First of all, I’m so sorry you lost your write-ups! You’re talking about this button, right?

I’m not sure if it is technically possible to prevent a dialog from being cancelled, I’ll have to check that. But can you describe how you accidentally reach into that corner? Or do you close the dialog by accidentally swiping in the wrong direction? If I can understand how people are moving their hands to interact with the page, I can maybe find a less dangerous place for the “cancel” action.

Thank you! I just realized it’s wrong in all translations, oops. I’ll see if and how I can fix that myself :sweat_smile:

Maybe I should just fix the source string, then finally set up Weblate for Captain’s Log.

Oh, I like to tweak and am working on it! :star_struck:
Here are the files for all languages:
The german word ‘rechts’ starts at address 0x112D h. Will change it to ‘links’ with Hexedit.

edit: changed + works: ‘Wischen Sie nach links, um Einträge hinzuzufügen’ appears now. It’s no problem to have 2 spaces (20h) between the comma and the following small u.

Nice, that’s also a way to fix it! :slight_smile: I’ll see if can find the time to create a proper release this weekend.


Thanks for the care.
No problem for the lost writings. This forced me to rewrite being more concise and better :slight_smile:

Yes, indeed, it is this button.
I hit it by error because I’m an old school typer: I use my left index and right thumb.
So, my middle finger, which is hanging around, boring and not knowing what to do at this moment, sometimes presses on cancel.
Especially in the evening when I’m tired but still, want to write.

I thought it could work like the Notes app, where it always records changes as soon as one swipes left.
But these are perhaps difference mechanisms.

I’m glad you can see it from a positive angle :slight_smile: . Thank you for the explanation, I think I found a way to fix it but it will take some time to do it right. Let’s see if I can do it tomorrow :).

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I thought there was maybe a simple modification in a qml file.
In the case I’m the only one and if it is complicated, please don’t loose your precious time! I’ll eiducate my fingers better :blush:.
Thank you much for your listen in all cases.

No usefull input. Just a big thank you!


I released version 3.0.0 of Captain’s Log that contains fixes for the issues you mentioned, @ric9k @Seven.of.nine . A remorse timer is now shown after closing the write dialog - tap it to continue editing the new entry.

The release is quite well tested but I recommend to make a backup of you database anyway! (You need both logbook.db and schema_version files.)

Most notable changes are the new search page and improved tags. Be sure to check it out :slight_smile: .

Also, translations are now hosted on Weblate.


Swedish translation updated.

I still use ‘To Do’ list daily and find it indispensable for managing my daily/weekly/ monthly tasks.

Any chance of implementing some of the easier stuff here?

Synchronization with nextcloud tasks - would that be difficult? It would be awesome and make this great little app even more useful as tasks could be shared across devices. Sadly there is no official Jolla tasks app that does this, so this would be a very worthy replacement.

Awesome, thank you! :slight_smile:

That’s awesome, glad to hear it! :slight_smile:

I haven’t lost hope that I’ll do that someday, yes, but it’s not the highest priority at the moment - Whisperfish and a few other projects must get some love first. I neglected all my apps a bit during the last year (has it been so long already!?) so it’ll take time. Anywhere between 5 days and 5 years, I guess, sorry :grimacing:

That would be hard, I suppose, but a feature like “regularly copy the database to some folder” would be easier, and then you could sync that folder automatically using another app…

I updated and tried Captain’s log.
Now, it’s just perfect!
Thank you much @ichthyosaurus.
By the way, I also discovered and installed Todo list :slight_smile:

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