File Browser support and feedback thread

Are you running version 2.5.1 from OpenRepos? If not, I suggest you should update to this version and try again.

Indeed. It was 2.50. Thanks.

With SFOS 4.4 the File Browser can´t install Android-APKs manually

Do you have FileBrowser 2.5.1-1 yet? I checked on my Xperia 10 right now and in File browser, going to the directory where the .apk is, click on the .apk file, information window with type, size, rights, owner, group… opens.

There pull down, is there no install option?

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Where to get it?

Sailfish Store → 2.5.0
Storeman → 2.5.0-1
Chum → Not listed

Storeman, File browser 2.5.1-1 by Ichtyosaurus from 30.3.2022 .