Gallery - Please enable list view + subfolders

Please enable list view + subfolders in the Gallery instead of only a great heap of icons without file names and any structure! Or is there a way to enable this by changing some config files?


I agree, to be able to structure the Gallery a bit, would be great!
To be able to sort images into folders and/or rename them would help me a lot.
It would be important that the folder structure / new name, remains when you transfer the images to a computer. Believe it or not, but that isn’t always the case, I hade noticed. I had to use an Android phone for work for a few days, was able to rename the images, but when I transfered them to the computer they all had their default names. :roll_eyes:


Simply having images grouped by date would already help out immensily, as well as displaying pictures taken by the camera separately from everything else. Nobody wants to sift through hundreds of funny pictures they’ve received over IM to find a picture they took sometime in between.


Try SailPhoto. Still leaves quite a bit to be desired, but a step in the right direction…


FileBrowser is one option. Nowadays (I have v 2.4.0) it can show image previews and share files.

As @hsjpekka said, you can use File Browser to view and organize your files. Enable “gallery mode” or thumbnails in your pictures folder, select files, and use the “transfer” option (crossed arrows) to move them.

You can use the pulley menu in the transfer dialog (last screenshot) to enter any path.

(this is shameless self promotion; I’m the app’s maintainer :wink: )