Community meeting on IRC 18th August 2022

Hello, there is an excellent template to help to organise the meeting.

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  • Name/IRC nick: PeegeeTips
  • Topic: Is there a general cause to the various different mobile-data bugs with 10 iii devices?
  • Some details about the topic:

Mobile data tested before and after device flashing on Talkmobile (UK). Mobile data lost at some point afterwards (after reboot? - difficult to be precise as I WFH with wifi. Mobile data on the same sim still works fine on my old XA2 Plus running

Pv4 and IPv6 mobile data connection works as expected on Xperia X (F5121), SFOS, with the same SIM card and same APN settings.
No IPv4 mobile data connection with MNO Telekom Deutschland possible.

If you have a mobile data connection with IPv6-only, the mobile data connection remains if a IPv4-only WLAN connection with internet access is established.
The IPv6 default gateway and the name server entry are also retained.
This means that the mobile data connection is still used when an IPv6 address is resolved.

  • Approx. time needed: 5m
  • Substitute (optional): n/a

Thanks for your question @PeegeeTips. We would usually repost the details of your question during the meeting, but I need to cut down your summary a bit. Would you mind if we present it as shown below? I’d also suggest bumping the time up to at least 10 minutes, since it’s quite involved, if that’s okay?


Just to reiterate what @pherjung suggested earlier, would you be able to reformat this using the template please @JesusGod-Pope666? Currently it’s not clear to me what your question is, so we won’t be able to include your question in its current form I’m afraid.

@pherjung: thanks for suggesting for people to use the template (it makes a big difference).


No, i’d be delighted. Thank you. PgT

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Could this bug also be added to the tracked ones? [10 III] Fingerprint sensor stops working after screen gets turned on, but before unlocking the phone

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Unfortunately, no. Each two weeks only 10 bugs are reported. This is to not surcharge Jolla.


Thank you, good to know

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Minutes: #sailfishos-meeting: Sailfish OS, open source, collaboration -- 18th August 2022
Minutes (text):
Log: #sailfishos-meeting log

A very lively meeting today, thanks to everyone for all of your contributions, especially everyone who joined in person!


thank you for discussing the mobile data issue.

apologies for not being able to attend, in foreign parts at the minute and was not available.


Thanks for raising the issue @PeegeeTips. Hopefully the discussion from the meeting will be useful for you, but if you have followups do feel free to raise them for a future meeting.

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I got an ofono log ready to send to customer care. Unfortunately, I am also suffering from the USB mode not working bug which is currently preventing me to get it off the phone. I will try via SD card.

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@jameson: thanks for collecting the logs. if you have a wifi connection then that may also be a route to getting it off your phone (message me if we should discuss this further).

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Of course I do, I can SSH into the phone. Is there any way to get a file short of installing an FTP server? (Just for information, I got it via SD card.)

scp (or pscp from putty), you can just ‘(p)scp username@ip:/path/to/file .’ and it should copy the file to your current directory


Thanks for the Update on my question on APIs! :slight_smile:


Well, you also have to name the file locally.
scp defaultuser@IP:/remote/folder/remotefile localfile

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The dot at the end is the path and it should retain its name

I wasn’t able to participate, but I would like to at least make someone at Jolla aware of this bug affecting ambience functionality: Ambience sound settings get lost/overwritten when switching between ambiences

(Basically, when one switches between two ambiences, sound settings of the former ambience - be it configured sound files or “No sound” option - permanently replace/overwrite sound settings of the latter one. As illustrated on these two short movies: Ambience sound settings get lost/overwritten when switching between ambiences - #6 by wetab73

Unlike most of other bug reports submitted recently, which yesterday received @flypig’s comment and were marked as tracked, this one apparently went unnoticed. Thank you.

Does things have changed since this morning, and look now promising, that we will get QtLocation API? :heart_eyes: