[3.4.0 onwards?] Restore backup fails when restoring notes (here: from Xperia X to Xperia 10 II )

After some investigation I saw /home/nemo in one of the paths that was being used during the restore of the Notes.
Adding a temporary symlink during the restore helped me get Notes restored properly.

Add symlink (using developer terminal or via SSH connection)
$ devel-su
# ln -s /home/defaultuser /home/nemo

Run the restore procedure

Then I removed the symlink
$ devel-su
# rm /home/nemo

Maybe this helps someone with the same issue as me.


Had the same issue and resolved it the same way, came here to share the wisdom only to find out that somebody already did. :relieved:

Anyway, this should be reflected somewhere in migration docs (or better yet, Backup should be user-aware).

Moved to bug reports.
And adapted title a bit (more general as I expect this to be a systematic problem when restoring backups from ā€˜nemo devicesā€™ to ā€˜defaultuser devicesā€™ whereas your report is first (erm, second) time I read about it).

Perfect! This helped! Thank you!

Hi all :slight_smile:

@sunkan : many thanks for this tip, it helped me restoring the SD card backup file from the Xperia X to my brand new Xperia 10 II :slight_smile:

Cheers, Samuel

Always nice to hear that it has help others :slight_smile:

Did not want to file it into bug reports immediately as I did not know if it was due to something I had done to my previous phone. But as others have the same issue it sounds like it is some functionality missing to handle this case.