Xperia 10 IV vs Xperia 10 V

The 10 V has just been announced. So the 10 IV will very soon disappear from stores, like the 10 III did a year ago. And as it hardly differs from the 10 III, what would be the point of sacrificing Jolla’s limited resources to support two almost identical models, both already withdrawn from the market?


The point is in getting 50 eur from me and other ppl who bought IV in hope to get SFOS here one day.


How many such people there can possibly be? 20? 50?


I agree, and like written somewhere before: I’d prefer, if Jolla would support every second phone.That means it would be the new Xperia V and people with SFOS could have a rather new device.

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My answer in a better place: Xperia 1 IV, 5 IV and 10 IV support - #131 by martinbook85

Since the discussion has been moved I copy my answer here:

I have sympathy for your argument, but as there has been a release for almost every Xperia mid range model since XA2, I bought an Xperia 10 IV in the hopes of having a port for it. Of course, I did buy it knowing there might not be a port for it. Anyway, this is why I am asking the question. I want to know.

The problem, as I see it, is that Jolla does not announce in time that there will be a port. When there is a port the phones are difficult to come by. This was the case for the 10 III. Or, at least right now the 10 iv is sometimes cheaper than the 10 iii.

Besides, as I have understood it, the difference between the 10 iii and 10 iv is greater than between the 10 iv and 10 v.

I would hope for this: Jolla finds a collaboration model with Sony where they are given (can buy) the phone model when it enters the market and with the prior knowledge it will be in the open device program. That way Jolla can release a port earlier than now and tell their customers in time that there will be a port. The current system is not working.

I would be fine with Jolla supporting less phones, but I do feel there needs to be clearer communication, earlier, what phones they will support.

If they won’t be able to support the 10iv I need to sell it as I am very happy with my Sailfish experience on my XA2 Ultra but want a faster phone. I think I will be able to use the XA2 Ultra a year more, but the new camera module I bought for it is starting to act up like the old one did.

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I don’t know. But what I know for sure there will be -1 person in a future if IV port will be skipped

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If you want to raise a new topic you should probably follow the prescribed template for new topics. My topic is about the 10 IV.

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I do NOT want to raise a new topic. I already explained why I considered this topic appropriate to express my opinion, and that’s it from me.

nor actually ever referred to with a single word

That is not true.

08:06:32 #info Sony Xperia 10 IV is plausible candidate for the officially supported Sailfish X device.

Anyway, I don’t see the point to discussing the topic here.

I meant some official statements, not loose discussion on IRC. Besides, a “plausible candidate” actually means nothing, especially if followed by “not anytime soon”. Anyway, I guess that you should expect an answer from the author of that statement.

Well for myself I would also really like to have an official Port of SFOS for the Xperia IV. Anyway, why do we always need to make a long discussion with the same arguments about that topic in other threads? @martinbook85 asked the question to @Jolla for getting an update about this topic. I think if you have concerns or whatever this can be discussed in the thread Xperia 1 IV, 5 IV and 10 IV support This would be more efficient if all related discussions and informations are located in one topic. Last but not least, the Xperia 10 V is also not in the Open Device Program.


But it is 99,9% certain that it’ll be, not only because every previous model in the “10” series was, but also because Sony’s smartphone offer is now limited to just the “1”, “5” and “10” series, i.e. not leaving much choice. The 10 V was announced only 2 days ago, so no wonder it is not listed yet.

I was talking about supporting the 10 V, not the 10 IV, so I do not find the “10 IV support” thread appropriate. As opposed to this thread, which is meant to suggest topics to discuss during the upcoming community meeting (that I sadly won’t be able to attend), and I consider this an important subject to discuss now that the 10 V has just been announced on Thursday.

OK, so just because you (and a few other people) bought a device that Jolla never ever promised to support (nor actually ever referred to with a single word) and which is being replaced with a new model as we speak, you are now expecting them to support it specially for you (and a few other people) rather than focus their tiny resources on what is obviously much better for the future of SFOS, i.e. the just introduced new model which will be easily available in the next 1-1,5 years. And you think it would be a good decision from Jolla’s strategic business point of view and the future of SFOS. Well, what can I say.

Anyway, as the 10 V is clearly based on the very same SoC as the 10 IV, I guess it wouldn’t impose much problems to THEN back-port SFOS from 10 V to 10 IV, should Jolla find enough time and resources for it (and consider it economically viable). But it should be in this order (i.e. the 10 V first, and then possibly the 10 IV) and not vice versa (just like VoLTE support was first introduced for the 10 III and then for the 10 II), or else in May 2024 we’ll have an identical problem.


This has been said before, but might be worth repeating in this thread:

There is generally very late information on whatever the next supported device will be. Therefore it has become expected that the next device will be the next midrange phone from Sony’s Xperia line. Jolla’s customers knowing this, therefore buy those phones when they are on sale or can be bought at a low price.

If Jolla would come out now and say that they for sure will support the 10V and not the 10IV, it will be easier to plan ahead. We who have bought a 10IV will be able to sell it and wait for a good price on a 10V.

I understand that there probably are several reasons for Jolla not to be able to inform beforehand, but it would be highly desirable that Jolla finds a way to announce early what phones will be supported.

It is mentioned that 10III, IV and V are very similar in specs, isn’t there then quite much code that can be reused? Speaking about Camera2 API, that will be needed for all three, right? The snapdragon 695 (?) is the same for both IV and V, doesn’t that mean that the same drivers can be used? Isn’t then all the work done on a port for 10IV beneficial for a future port for the 10V?

I am not a programmer and might be entirely wrong.

The IV and V are almost identical (the only major difference being new camera of the 10 V and bigger RAM in the 8 GB version), whereas the III has a different chipset.

Well, but apparently not only that. Note how even without Camera2 API all three cameras are supported on the 10 II but not on the 10 III… So there’s something more to it.

As I already wrote, it’s not that they will just release support for the 10 IV and “that’s it”, and then they can just move on to supporting the 10 V. The very moment they decide to support the 10 IV they will get a set of 10 IV’s unique issues and problems to struggle with (including all those resulting from Sony binaries) and will have to deal with them for as long as that device is supported. Note how after almost 1,5 years 10 III’s major issues still remain unfixed. So the decision to support the 10 IV will NOT be a one-time operation but it will PERMANENTLY consume some portion of Jolla’s limited resources, which could otherwise be spent on supporting the 10 V.

No matter how similar two different devices are, I guess you’ll be able to imagine how much work is still needed to support them if you realize that even supporting a new version of Sony binaries for THE SAME device apparently needs more work than Jolla can sacrifice. Sony binaries for the 10 III were updated by Sony SIX times, including three times after the version that is used by SFOS. The newer versions are said to fix the color banding and echo (and possibly also power drain) but it apparently takes too much work to use them in SFOS which is stuck at version from February 2022. See binaries named “Lena” on the Sony Open Devices site:

So, if it is clearly too difficult and/or time consuming to even just support new versions for THE SAME device, I guess that any discussion about just “reusing” code or “all the work already done” between TWO DIFFERENT devices (no matter how similar) is rather pointless.

Adding support for two new devices, rather than one, will simply mean having to share Jolla’s precious limited resources between two devices.


You make a strong case. I think your suggested way is the better route to take for Jolla…

I think Jolla for sure should make the necessary modifications to make the 10III a good device as that is a promise they made when announcing an official port.

They haven’t made a promise to me to support the 10IV so I can’t really be mad at them for not making an official port, if they decide not to. Still want an answer, though.

Maybe ‘we’ should post a question to the community meeting if Jolla can try to announce official ports in time for people to buy the device.

  1. Xperia X - 2016 - SFOS 2.1.2 - 2017/09
  2. Xperia XA2 - 2018/01 - SFOS 3.0.0 - 2018/10
  3. Xperia 10 - 2019/02 - SFOS 3.2.0 - 2019/10
  4. Xperia 10ii - 2020/02 - SFOS 4.1.0 - 2021/05
  5. Xperia 10iii - 2021/04 - SFOS 4.4.0 - 2022/03
  6. Xperia 10iv - 2022/05 - N/A
  7. Xperia 10v - 2023/05 - N/A

Historically speaking Jolla added a new device to the supported list approximately every year, most often within a month or two of the announcement of the next generation of Sony devices (and well within the time slot that the announce date was already known and plenty of rumours available).
When Sony releases a device it is also not immediately available on their Open Device program so even if Jolla wanted they can’t support the 10v from day 0.

Based on the past it is very likely that the 10iv will be added soon but not a certainty and at this point not something Jolla has committed to, that being said it could be that due to the very high similarity between the 10iv and the 10v support for the 10v will be added faster than in previous cycles.

As for the point about availability, to me the fact that support usually only became daily driver ready well after the newer generation was being sold meant that the previous generation (latest SFOS supported device) was available for a much lower price (new!) on many bigger online stores.

On the other hand I would also not be surprised if Jolla choses to skip one or more generations now, SFOS on consumer phones is not their target market and I suspect the main driver for adding a new device every once in a while is the need for a more modern test/demo platform to show off more modern Android compatibility.

Either way if the 10iv was planned (but not announced) then they are probably already working on that for a while and that work won’t be thrown out by skipping the device, if on the other hand they have not yet started work on 10iv support skipping that device would seem to make a lot more sense.


gsmarena for device announce dates.


you can’t base on the past this time.
2022 was very different fo J

from the perspective of a 10iii user - i’m looking at a 10v as the next puchase.

i always run two phone, newer xperia running on android for finance apps i don’t necessarily want to carry aound with me, and the prior version that runs SFOS as a daily driver.

nothing against a 10iv port if jolla consider it viable commercially, but can’t help but notice that it has already been superceded, and will likely be hard to source by the time any sfos port might arrive. therefore limited revenue potential for Jolla.

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Looking at this:

I’m frankly struck that neither the 10iv nor the 10v look particularly attractive vs the 10iii - in terms of hardware.

Disappointed in:
The downgrade of USB 3.1 to USB 2.0 for file transfers.
The lack of Wifi6 in not only the 10iv, but now also the 10v!
The lack of high refresh in the 10iv and 10v. Not even 90Hz, really?

The small upgrades the 10v does get to battery and memory don’t seem enough to justify the enormous price increase from the 10iii/iv (euro330) to the 10v (euro450).


You have insider info?

2020 was also bad and they skipped that year, though looking from the outside and following the IRC discussions every once in a while it doesn’t seem to me that any year other than the very first year (with the JP1/kickstarter) can be classified as good…

They always lack manpower/money/you name it but are never able to involve the community more and become more OSS.

The business focus switched to selling Android App Support a few years ago.