[Xperia 10 III] Audio suddenly completly gone


In the last couple of days i lost all audio functions on my 10III. No ringtone when receiving a call, no notification sounds, no audio during calls. Even audio playback with the media player doesn’t work. Audio tests in CSD are also silent.

Has anyone else experienced this?



TLDR: turn off and on. Will work for a while.

I think I have the same issue. I was waiting to write a report because I’m out and about for a few days.

My experience is that everything works fine for a while, then somehow you realise situation has changed. I’m trying to understand if it’s a matter of time, or an action.

When it happened the first time I turned it off and on again. After the second time, I started counting the number of calls, and it seems it’s three or four (done and received). After the third time I tried to play some audio files both with the Media app and from within the File Browser and neither worked.

I also realised that when using the Media app, the songs are slowed down (one second lasts three), I dunno if the two things are related.

I’m sorry I can’t help any better but this is what I have done so far.

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Yes, this is the same issue I have :disappointed:
I was thinking to reinstall the phone, have not heard others with exactly the same error description - until now, so I will not do it anyway, it will be waste of time.

I will try to see if the error occurs when 2 different process are using the sound, it not easy to figure it out, anyway it makes the phone more or less unusable.:cry:

Had this experienced once but assumed a correlation with an improper disconnect of my bluetooth earbuds.

Please see the following link where I have described a solution on the issue.

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Maybe someone is willing to try this, tested this for nearly 24 hours and audio was working fine.

Edit the files default.pa and arm_droid_default.pa(maybe default.pa is not needed). Both files can be found in /etc/pulse.

Search for the line ‘load-module module-suspend-on-idle timeout=1’ in arm_droid_default.pa and ‘load-module module-suspend-on-idle’ in default.pa. Put an asterisk in front of both lines to disable suspend on unused audio sinks.

I’ll report back if this worked out. So far it is looking good.


Since today I have had the same. I have the 10 III a week now. Missed calls because I didn’t hear them. Started searching for the loudest ringtones. Have ringtone volume at maximum.

It seems to be working for me too! I can no longer replicate this bug with GPS breaking sound: [][Xperia 10 III] The sound disappears and video freeze - #16 by direc85
Really hope it was that simple to fix it!