What device is recommended as successor for Xperia X in Switzerland?

Hi there,
Jolla- user of the first hour in terrible need:
My Xperia X is now old and the Frontside Camera is not working because of a broken contact.

After several years, I am now ready for an upgrade, however it seems the newer Devices do have some issues like connectivity to certain providers, or limited datarate (I found it on the forum).

Which device is working 100% (compared to the pre installed Android)?

Thanks in advance

X10 II with Digitec here. It works fine if you can disable Android App Support. With SailJail enabled, the RAM consumption is quite big and some apps regulary crash.
It’s the main reason I decided to purchase a second hand X10 III.

On this device, the camera support isn’t perfect and there are some problem with connectivity (WiFi tethering doesn’t work properly) ans ther is another bug with echo cancellation. Someone with a X10 III may correct me if I’m wrong.

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Also Xperia X here, in mint condition.
As Jolla doesn’t really support it anymore (Aliendalvik no longer updated), I’m also looking for a better supported device.

There is an absolute requirement though: the display size MUST be 5 inch or smaller.

My favorite device was my beloved Jolla phone, also in mint condition but now unsupported.

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XA2 forever! :innocent:
(well, until PinePhone, Pro1, or Maemo Leste work as well)


XA2 works great (the GPS satellite finding is rather slow (sometimes? - not sure)) and is cheap. It would probably be an intermediary device (but why not support Jolla, they just delivered another good update and the license is on offer).

After the 64bit 10 III had some more development time, then change again or maybe - wish - another form factor will be introduced by then…

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Btw: I burned an XA2 motherboard while (mis)playing with partitions (ruined the IMEI).
So if yours gets retired, I could be interrested by the motherboard.
Or the other way round:
If you want to keep your license (linked to the motherboard) but need to renew the body, this could be a way to save some hardware too.

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@ pherjung:
Thank you for the answer. Just some follow-up questions:

  • digitec? You mean the provider, or the shop where you bought it?
  • “disable Android App Support” ? You mean, I cannot use the Android Apps? This would be a problem for me?
    Thank you also kindly for your details about X10 III…
    So it confirms my fear that the situation is not too well …

Also thanks for you answer.
I supported Jolla since 2012. Now I need a new device and it seems the situation is quite unclear what to buy to have a 100% working device. I want to buy a new phone, not a used one, so ebay may not help me, but still thx.

Thanks for the info, I could not follow through the mainboard story: I have an xperia X, not a XA2 but it seems the XA2 is the safest option, right?

See digitec.connect

On the X10 II, the RAM consumption is higher since SailJail is enabled by default. Disabling Android App Support and using it only when needed reduce the amount of crashes.

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there’s no such device currently that is 100% working SFOS device, maybe except of Xperia 10 that has the least amount of annoying problems except of one, which is touch issues :smiley:

then forget it. Xperia 10 III is the latest supported where main issue is: Echo cancellation. But the good thing is that not everybody has this problem.
But there are some problems here is quite nice additional list:

but it doesn’t occur on every device.


Safest…hm, I don’t know. Depends on your usage. If you are an intense app user and always in hurry - or not specially patient - XA2 might ot be ideal. Same if you often have to count on GPS.
GPS can be problematic on some XA2.
It is not well clear if it is a HW or SW problem or both.

If you want a new phone neither. Finding a new XA2 with a battery in good condition might be hard.

If you are in none of these cases :slight_smile: , Like, mor e or less, me, thanXA2 is ideal.
Appart some minor annoyances, I am very happy with mine. Even using GPS to go to work places. And once more, it is cheap.
So, no stress loosing, breaking, testing…

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Hi Peter, not much time, only a very quick reply

I had two Jolla’s since the beginning, likely 2012, also. – Regarding new: a quick google, eh. duckduck gave:

Personally with (both bought used) XA2 and 10 experience, I’d most definitely choose the XA2 for the form factor at the moment. But this is not to say, that I wouldn’t go 10 if there was no XA2 option.

Don’t know who or what gave this impression. Couldn’t be more wrong in my opinion. Jolla/Sailfish never had been better. Android works great great, it’s in constant use here for the Brave browser and also Threema (chat and video calls). Also Organic Map, SBB Mobile, swisstopo.

I do have the F-Droid store and (from there) the Aurora Store (needed for Brave). I would (have to) throw away the phone if the Android emulation wouldn’t work well. But as I said, it does work well and the last update gave Android 11 (API 30). Wow! Otherwise I m of course mostly using the sailfish core apps (you know those) and via Storeman the incredibly handy SyncDings and Notizen.md apps. Wish Storeman was more simple but am very grateful that this option exists.

Thus… imho it doesn’t matter much what you buy: XA2, 10iii (or even 10/10ii). There might be some (small (I exlude the echo thing, which I don’t know about)) issues, but in general it works well. You’ll be happy. [Edit: after re-reading, this last paragraph should be: it doesn’t matter much if XA2 or 10, I don’t know 10iii. This said if I had wanted to spend more money for an up-to-date device I would be comfortable to buy a 10iii).

Tom (or another Peter maybe;)


isn’’ XA2 suffering from this bug?

Tbh when you mentioned form factor I did a quick check and I almost bough it but found this bug and …no no no.

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I switched from the Xperia X to the X10 III, mainly because I wanted a device with a bit more RAM and CPU. I had the original Jolla and the Intex Aquafish with flashed Firmware from Jolla C before.
The Xperia X10 III seems to be the device with biggest issues after a switch for me so far (Although I may have forgotten about a few problems I had with other devices in the past).
My main problem is Random audio drops on wired headphones - plays from top speaker instead. This forces me to reboot the device on a more or less regular schedule.
Other slightly annoying issue is that I sometimes hear no dial tone on outgoing calls. Just silence, until the other person picks up.
As X 10 III is 64bit, some older apps were not available when I started to use it. Luckily, many of them have been taken over by other developers by now, so this is no longer an issue for me.
Other than that, I see no big problems, my connection with sunrise is fine, GPS works, performance is ok, can’t tell about android support, as I don’t use it.
The question is of course, what other devices other than the X 10 III are readily available on the market. If you want VoLTE, you need to pick at least the X 10 II. If you want a lot more power than what Xperia X provides, X 10 III is a real step up over all other devices, based on benchmarks.

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Maybe you remember it wrong? Jolla’s first phone was launched in november 2013 at a press release.


No, never experienced this bug.

Except that the GPS is sometimes slow with getting a position, there are no complaints. Btw, my XA2 is a single SIM model.

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You are right, it was February 2014 when I bought the phone (and the second one in autumn). They both still work (with a replacement battery) but the XA2 is far better for me.


It hapened only maybe twice in a year. Then, never again. Strange.

So, don’t worry, I think this bug is very rare.

Thus, I still say:
“XA2 Forever!” :wink:


Then i prefer the 10. At lest the touch issues are something you can live with.

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I recommend the Xperia 10 III as you will get 64bit version SailfishOS and OLED screen is nice …yes its HDR OLED that wont work for now on sailfishOS (maybe in future) but has 6Gb ram and 4500 mAh battery which is nice bonus, oh and has VoLTE support …

I have : Xperia X and X Compact, Xperia 10, 10 mk II and mk III …didn’t buy Xperia 10 mk IV as it was a disappointing update …oh and I also had the Xperia XZ3

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Since VoLTE support I see this bug on my X10 II too.