VPN leak on Xperia 10 III

As per title, I have an issue with the VPN. I was filing a bug report, but I preferred sharing it here first, in case it’s a known problem (or, even better, there’s a known solution).

HARDWARE: Sony Xperia 10 III


I’m using Proton VPN with .ovpn configuration files.

I used the same files with my old Xperia X but I never had any issue. Now, I noticed that when I try to connect to websites (e.g. gutenberg.org) that are blocked here (Italy), I don’t reach them anymore, but I reach the warning page from local authorities.

I checked with ipleak.net and saw that my connection was leaking.

I looked for some information here in the forum, and found this After update to - XA2's VPN says connected but traffic is not going through VPN - due to IPv6

I tried to apply the solution suggested here How can I keep ipv6 disabled? but it didn’t work for me (even after creating the firewall rules suggested in the link, the connection leaked).

Any suggestion would be welcome. Thank you.

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Looks like your DNS is leaking and thus name resolution for gutenberg.org redirects to the Italian web page. Your IP address is Dutch and all connections via IPv4 will be routed through the Netherlands so you should check for the DNS server settings pushed from your VPN provider or configured in the .ovpn file.

Yes, I also think itś a DNS problem. Did you download the .ovpn choosing router as platform? As far as I know, DNS is then set automatically in SFOS. When you want to configure a real router, the address is for UDP connections and for TCP connections.
Info from ProtonVPN Team: https://protonvpn.com/support/dns-leaks-privacy
Thank you, Proton!

Than you @nekron, thank you @jolla4ever. I will have a look at the configuration then and see what happens. My scepticism arises from the fact that I changed phone, not files; but I’m also used to the odd quirk, with phones…