Update to 4: out of space

I cannot update, out of space. (you need 525mb for the update, you have 212mb)
I really do not know why and what app eats that space, I do not have many apps on it. Any way to check? tia


had the same issue
in settings - memory you can see the rough state but no details
i think you could check it on terminal.

what i did:
i did uninstall native app applications, cause they do cache and are usually bigger.
in my case it was sufficient to un-install osm scout
after the update you can re-install it
i also did cleanup with mashka, but that would only free some MBs
not enough
also caches from chat apps are big: pics and videos


Hey, many thanks. But now I still hesitate… I’ll wait for patchmanager4, cannot live without it

patchmanager is in the working. olf did test it successfully, me not

I have the exact same problem somehow I need 560mb space for the update. This seems to be on the “System Data” partition ?! It’s the only one that has the same amount of free space left that is mentioned in the update screen.
I’m already for two days moving everything to the sd card that I can catch: all pictures, videos etc. but it doesn’t even change the free space. Now I started deleting apps which helped a bit but: Where is this System Data actually? which folders does it involve? Can I make it bigger?

update download takes space on home partition, update installs to system partition.

the download was successful, but I still need 560mb free space I have overall more than 14GB free.

to get more space on the system partition, you need to delete applications (HERE Maps etc) …

This is a long time known and pushed away shortcoming that the root partition is way bto small.

We collected some links and especially this one here
is a need to do for every one installing a bit more native applications.

Android apps are installed to home so will not help umstalling.
Try to drill down with e.g.
du -xsh /
where the real big data chunks are and go deeper and deeper.
I jad that earlier with JollaC and needed to uninstall lots of native packages i.e. big data apps like OSM scout or similar

Find out with e.g.
rpm -qa --queryformat '%{SIZE} %{NAME} \n' | sort -n -r | head -10


thanks this I was afraid to do looked a bit risky for me but I will do it now.
Nevertheless I tried to delete many apps and finally had enough space to update which was even quite fast done.
But the volume size should be at least 4 GB min by default I would say.

On Xperias this may work without any issue (even with more data on partitions, but I did it right after flashing!).

Yes, 4GB is a good start value for root partition. Now having 2.7/3.9 used. Of course this limits the available space for home partition for Downloads and Pictures/Videos.
But better than not being able to update!

Many peeps (me included a few times) suffered from this but it seems no one from the Sailors…

This was told so many times and so long ago to Jolla, but no reaction. :frowning:

Major issue is that apps are installed on the system partition. They should be installed in the home.
Problem is now developing a link or overlay system that bind mounts the applications installed to the right location.
Thats something that will take a lot of work as apps are system installed always one user cannot have apps installed that the other does not.

In other words. Its a complicated mess.

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Similar the mess as on N900 with its tiny rootfs? :wink:
But there we had /opt where lot of application data went, iirc?

But for the time being (soon™ ) the root partition layout could be a simple parameter to the flashing file to define rootfs size (default 4G)?

Another huge waste of disk space is the installation of all available locales. On desktop distributions there are tools to cleanup / remove unused locales. I haven’t found any on Sailfish OS. For the update from 3.4 to I removed many locales manually, which was a pain.

They were back after the installation of

I just flashed Sailfish 4 this week. To prevent problems in the future, like this lack of space, I’m considering following the guide in the link you left here.

But I have a concern: do these old instructions still apply to the current version?

Yes they do, go for it. I have extended my root partition in the past and it is completely safe as long as you follow the steps and make sure you type (or copy&paste) everything correctly. And since you just flashed your phone this week, in the worst possible situation you don’t lose years worth of your data if you mistype something critical and need a reflash (still remember to take backup before doing this).

:+1: @avhakola I will try this weekend. I have an SD card to back it up, in case it all goes wrong :slightly_smiling_face: