I grown my root partition to 5.2GB. Any risks?


I was curious since a long time to know if this trick really worked.
My root partition is now 5.2 GB.

It is mentioned in these threads but there is few feedback:

So I tried.
The original article is here:

So far, the phone (XA2) seems alive and working.
I’ll keep informing if something goes wrong but are there any risks or potential problems already known?

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I’ve been using this guide on every xperias in order to grow the root partition and have had no issue whatsoever:

This guide does it by reducing home partition so I can’t say if using unused partition won’t bring any issue.


I accidentally grown it to 12 GB :blush:. Never had a problem with that.

When I was on Xperia X I did just that.
But than an update came out (~ 3y ago) and it wouldn’t install because of that, so I had to re-format the device.
That might happen again.

The probem you’ll have by changing the layout are exactly the ones described in my article:

Additionally, you won’t be able to reflash SailfishOS without reflashing Android first. I’ll release a blogpost how you can do that without having to install Windows and the Sony EMMA tool soon. Updating SailfishOS without reflashing it is absolutely fine.

So if your device doesn’t function proper after a SFOS update & you want to reflash SailfishOS to fix that, you have to flash Android first before flashing SFOS.


Ok, thanks. Reflashing Android + SFOS is so a big problem appart ti is a bit time consuming.

Anyway, till today, I can testimony this method of gaining space is great and brought no problems. :partying_face: