There is NO way this update was tested. Nothing hardly works

Yes… you are having the same issues that I am having. Thank you for giving a more technical description of what I was trying to convey.

You hit it spot on!

And there goes your one hour off my ignore list.

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But dont you think you should be able to send more than one picture to more than one person at a time through?

It’s been requested for years mate!

It kinda like the situation with google where the majority of users have constantly asked for sorting over the silyl label nonsense in gmail and Google says “we heard our users and they said they do not want sorting the want our new labels.

I get you dont want your phone loaded down with nonsense.

but there are basic paradigm that are attached to the way we communicate.

It could just be me…but it feels like no one at HQ is listening …regardless if we are nice or not so nice.

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There is no way they are using Sailfish. How would they be able to reply to a basic group text ?

I can’t see them tapping out 5 copyds of the same messages to 5 people on the group text.

They would never have time to get thier work done.

So to answer that question about if the are using their own kit… I think it’s a no go.


Of course i do. But do i think it is the most important thing… no.
It is already in the underlying system, but not in the message history or GUI parts.
This is what happens with a lack of resources - over here MMS, and group MMS in particular is a very niche use case and got prioritized as such.
This is nothing like google pushing a useless feature down people’s throats.

FWIW, OMP tried a basic semi-broken fix for this (duplicating the message to each recipient), but could not get a good design with the resources/time on hand.
Perhaps when Jolla launches in the US this can have happened.

Being not-so-nice, refusing to see the bigger picture etc. certainly doesn’t help.


What if they are using SFOS and this is why they provide new features so slowly lol

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The „I don’t use a feature, so this is a niche use case” is an interesting standpoint you have there.
I mean the whole Jolla/Sailfish is a niche in the first place, so basically everything they provide is a niche.
I think there should be two demands/requirements where Sailfish OS could be suitable beside the corporate use case (which one is fully understandable tho).
One is a government-minded standpoint where people need a super stable basic OS that serves the very basic communication needs and it serves them perfectly. With that standpoint features like MMS, RCS, etc. are very reasonable, since in this use case they already have a special phone plan, but it is possible that internet connection is not always there during work. In a scenario like this MMS is a „better than nothing” solution for sending quick pics. RCS is another excellent example for redundancy. Unlike other IM apps, RCS can fallback to simple SMS so if there is an issue with the network, the message will still be delivered in some form.
The other perspective would be a „full fat”, hackable Linux experience.
At this time I think there are too few packages available for SFOS. I can’t play with GNOME or Plasma Mobile apps despite this is a proper Linux environment unlike Android where you have to deal with a virtual machine. For a Linux system like SFOS being easily hackable and a more direct access to the kernel, and low level stuffs would be an added value. I can’t see this in reality.
At other project there are communities doing stuff, porting, etc. but not here.
Manjaro or Ubuntu Touch are seems like much more hackable systems than SFOS.
For other use cases and demands there are better solutions, like Android or iOS, even KaiOS.


Sailfish is not a daily driver for a normal user. We’re all freaks here ;-).
A normal user fails e.g. already when moving from the J1 to a Sailfish X phone because of the problem nemo / defaultuser when importing the backup. If you then have to take the terminal for correction, then that goes far beyond the capabilities of a normal user.


Yes, me too!

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‘Group texts’ aka group MMS does not exist outside of the United States, and MMS in general is already very niche in most of Europe because our providers have historically always made it extremely expensive, and it remains that expensive to this day. I had to dig deep on my provider’s website to find out anything at all about MMS.


Like @attah, I also wonder what this is supposed to be. Do you have any examples of Android or iOS applications that do that? Or is what you’re looking for something as simple as this? BarWal | — Community Repository System

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Apple Wallet or Google Pay for example.

Perhaps something like this…

Sort of a cross between the Barwal and Code Reader apps.

Okay, then that is definitely not something Jolla will ever be able to do, nor any other third party.

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That’s the problem… the only one interested in feelings is you. Go ahead and move those goalposts though.

You didn’t provide anything substantive. No truth or facts. Your “report” was vague nonsense with thinly veiled contempt.

As I demonstrated previously, nearly all of your “issues” were related to user error and/or unfamiliarity with the platform. Even things as trivial as collecting useful metrics, logs, traces or error output.

You’re trying to walk it back now because you’re intellectually dishonest.

As far as why I’m on this forum, try reviewing my post history. Instead of whining about my inability to use an experimental independent mobile operating system, I fix problems.

Just for good measure, I’ll go down your list of complaints and address them line by line:

sms will not open/ mms will not select a picture from gallery 97% of the time. Must reboot phone. I will send one the mms and message app locks up and will no longer open. Tied using system utilities to reset ui no luck…

I’ve never experienced that, and judging by reports on this forum, neither has anyone else. Except you. To normal people with their critical thinking faculties intact, that looks like exaggeration.

MMS will not download…did.before the last update. phone super slow to start camera / phone super slow to make a call.

Check your APNs. Both of my (official) SFOS phones work.

With my time out set to 5sec most time the screen goes black before call even starts to ring.

… what?

Call fails to connect on first try about 98% of the time requires a second or third attempt.

I use a SFOS phone as my work phone, and I’ve never had a call failure. Maybe you’re attributing issues with your carrier to an OS that has nothing to do with it?

When calling the phone with sail fish os (sony x2a dual sim) I can watch the phone goto 3g mode. The phone will not ring the call through

“x2a”? For the record, the shift to 3G is BY DESIGN, since that’s a CARRIER REQUIREMENT. LTE doesn’t support voice calls, by design, so your phone must switch to 3G (or 2G) to connect a call. Please research “Circuit Switched Fallback”.

When the call disconnects the phone goes back to 4g mode So i miss alot of call. Maybe 40% of call make it through.

See above. Can you record video with another device to demonstrate these failures? It sounds a lot like exaggeration, so I’ll need more material to work with.

I can repeat this test and get this result 98% of the time. My test has be using a different phone with the sailfish phine right next to it on the same network carrier. So its not the carrier and the phone is NOT damaged outside of having this buggy OS on it.

[citation needed]

We’re not going to just “take your word for it”. If this were a widespread issue, it would be well documented, and there would be many more cases posted on this forum (or its progenitors).

This was not an issue before the update. I am on the same T-Mobile backed carrier that I have been on for 4 years.

I’m on a T-Mobile MVNO and I don’t have any issues. Weird.

You have to try harder.


And that’s part of the ‘normal user’ expectation mismatch problem - functions and apps that ‘normal’ modern mobile phone users expect pretty much as standard these days are never likely to make their way onto native Sailfish. And I’m not just talking about my pet wishes, but a whole list of ever growing functions and everyday apps that makes the gap between what native Sailfish can provide and what the ‘dominant’ mobile OSs can provide increase every year.

Android app support is clearly Jolla’s only viable solution to this, but as another forum member pointed out, if you use all Android apps under Sailfish and only really use Sailfish as a fancy GUI launcher, what’s the point?

Sailfish only really works if you are a technical user who understands, and is prepared to accept (and sometimes work around) these limitations. Most everyday ‘normal’ users are not.


Wait a tick… you can do this? Can you share how you make this happen?

And yes…I read many years back about how this was not a thing for people in the East. But to read that it can do confirms what I thought.

But yeah…clue us kids in. Thanks.

…on the bigger picture comment … I have been here from the start… that bigger picture is starting to like busted rusted worn.out. Its losing it colour and shine. I picked Jolla and sailfishfor the promise of something different… And I guess they have delivered that different in an.OS running in 2021 like an OS from 1991…

I instantly handicapped this beautiful Rose Gold Sony that could do everything I wanted for the promise of something else that would eventually do everything I hoped.

I have my super cool Jolla phone that promised me it would do something wonderful with its other half… it did nothing but let me down. But with the band being turned of. Its radio reception was too poor to use any more.

So I have seen that big picture and it seem static.


My double negations are harmonious. Mellifluous, even!

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I see what you did there and I like It!!!

It’s good to see that my rant as Its been called has sparked a decent discussion and in my mind confirmed why some of us are here.

We could be sheep and Android or god forbid be Apple sheep. But we are hear by choice, willing to ride along… I hope the devs understand and will listen.

I want to see sailfish work well and just have the basics that we all have come to expect.

The UI is beautiful. Clean.and Minimal. Give us some ad blocking and some other things people have asked for over the past 5 years and this thing would be really great.

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