There is NO way this update was tested. Nothing hardly works

Just to flesh it out, what phone? The XA2?

Thank you for your clear words.

Never seen such an honest and revealing post here: Sailfish is not for ordinary users. Because you are Regular, we have to take this seriously. I never whined about costs and that was not te main subject of this thread either. Instead, I proposed to let us pay yearly in order to get a stable OS. That’s not going to happen. Asking for stability/reliability is not so bad. Actually it is normal. Instead of judging, try to help people who struggle with the OS. Who is going to create a manual for new users? A list of things we can do with it? If you don’t know someone who uses the OS and if you are not a dev, you are walking in the dark. So let the experienced give some light.


At least change the title - “Nothing hardly works” means that everything works well.
I just like grammatical correctness …


Negative concordance ≠ double negation. Language ≠ classical logic.

(My language can split a negative over four words, or even more if you’re really frustrated.)

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But written language directed to widely mixed company calls for a minimal level of classical logic. Some people might be using translator apps, and then it will make even less sense than it already does…

“nothing hardly works” = “not one thing is having any trouble to function as intended”

(I almost hesitated to reply, until I realized that there’s no topic here, so no fear of off-topic)


It sounds like a cheap excuse to me.
If Jolla would tell us honestly they have low resources (both financial and manpower) so they have a slow development pace, that would be okay.
Being corporation software - if this is the case - shouldn’t mean low quality and missing basic features. It doesn’t make much sense to me.
On the other hand it’s not an excuse for the lack of proper communication from Jolla. There is no official standpoint wether SFOS is really a coprorate OS or not in the first place. And they sell Sailfish X as an end user software just like how Microsoft sells Windows for basically everyone without targeting a specific user group.
Sailfish OS is a general purpose OS which means it should cover basic functionality.
What we actually lack is a for profit company that would preinstall Sailfish to their device then fill up the thing with 1st party apps in a similar way how phone makers fill up Android for their devices.
But since we don’t have any company like that we can only rely on Jolla bringing apps to fill these gaps, which - for whatever reason - they unable to fulfill at this time.

So in a normal world Jolla shouldn’t have to worry about these, because there would be phone manufacturers who would provide end user apps so Jolla could fully focus on providing the OS and only that.
When I complaining about missing features I really care not to wish anything that is entirely depended on 3rd party. Like I fully understand we don’t have for example an official Spotify client since they don’t care about us. Okay, it’s not Jolla’s task to solve this. However what is Jolla’s task is to bring an up to date browser, what they don’t do. It’s not Jolla’s task to bring internet bank to the OS, but they should bring a 1st party app for wallet, since this is a key feature in these days, and I do think 1st party for critical apps like this would increase reliability a lot, comparing to a 3rd party solution.


no, there are definitely bugs and nothing wrong with the updates. As mentioned before the guys that came from Nokia brought also their bad habbit to not fully test and release buggy software.
This is the real problem.
If you do not hit any of the bugs reported here, you must have exceptional use cases or another version of SFOS.


Wow. Apparently nothing has changed. As a user of the JP1 and up, I stopped at the XA2 and after a few frustrations I continue to use it as a second phone with For my purpose and requirements, this is the best combination and mostly bug-free. After a long time I come back to this forum and am amazed that such posts as read here still exist. Whatever, my daily driver has been running with UT for months and I appreciate the branches developer, testing and stable including short update cycles. I can decide whether I want to test or better just have fun.

Jolla should finally do that too. I’m just too old to hang out in forums and solve bugs using a terminal. There is still life besides the phone.

5 cents from an old man who has no more time to waste.


i never had stability issues or any bugs with my xperia x and i used it for years.
ever since 4.0 came all i had is problems, and yesterday it just bricked and now does not turn on anymore.
i wish i never updated it.

i’m now done with sailfish and going to android.

That is well known, but seems to be improving a bit. :slight_smile:

Mmmm, bloatware/crapware. Key phrase “fill up”. Have you seen a fresh Samsung? No thanks!

They are hard at work on this! Maybe read a bit before you complain?

What does that even mean? General secrets storage?
If you mean something akin to Google Pay, that takes a (partnership with) much bigger company for sorting out the liability stuff. Financial services are a jungle and a half!
They could do a Bitcoin wallet, but nah.


Sailfish is a good daily driver and perfectly suitable for normal users. I am a regular, too.
So, it’s 1:1 now?
We are discussing personal opinions here and I don’t consider anyone’s views superior to others.


Please let me ask one question:
What is so difficult, adapting the latest Firefox to work in SFOS?
(or is it legal stuff?)
Please don’t misunderstand me. I don’t want to critisize, but I want to understand.

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It feels like you don’t really want to understand my standpoint.
I was talking about a normal digital wallet app that lets people store their credit card, coupons, tickets, etc.
Like what normal people do on their normal phone.
The same with pre installed apps what you call “bloatware”.
SFOS lacks a lot of essential apps because Jolla dont’t have the resourse to focus both on the OS itself and delivering apps too, which is okay, but since no one makes SFOS phones, no one else will fill these gaps.
Will Jolla ever make a Maps app? A chat app? anything? I doubt.

First and foremost a browser is basically rocket science. Not to mention 21 million lines of code.
Firefox/gecko doesn’t come with good APIs for embedding (clean, clear and stable - and above all supported). Jolla has their own patches and framework for that from way-back-when (N9? if not earlier?) which they are gradually carrying forward. This means both plumbing in a completely custom GUI to the underlying APIs, as well as the actual hardware-accelerated rendering canvas. And with decent performance at that.

I can only assume re-doing it from scratch on the newest release was considered and discarded.

From memory the steps taken recently were: the last C++ version not yet uplifted to, the first ESR with a bit of code in Rust, ESR60 with quite a lot of Rust, now skipping ESR68 and going for what was current at the time work started (ESR78). And for all the benefits a more modern language, you get the baggage of a rapidly-evolving new language.

So… basically rocket surgery.

I’m by no means an expert. I’m just a developer, and for other things than browsers.


No - i sincerely have no idea what you mean here.
You’ll have to explain to us Luddites.

Credit cards (with all their hurdles and liability) and the other things you mention are not even remotely the same underlying tech.
Thus my confusion.

So go make some! I have.
Usually when people list what they mean by this it’s mostly about 3rd-party services anyway.
And indeed, Jolla should not be spending time on proprietary 3rd-party services (perhaps unless in very close cooperation with that company).
But then again, how is that in any way up to us to decide?

They did back in the day, it was pretty good. But the combination of TOS changes for Here maps and Jolla coming into financial hardship it got limited to old Phones and put on life support maintenance.
Thankfully we got Pure maps (and OsmScout) - so now they don’t have to.

For what service? The Venn diagram for open and popular looks absolutely terrible.
The built-in messaging app does support XMPP, but maintenance seems proportional to its popularity.


And the question is: the Jolla team is using Sfos like daily phones or they use IOS or Google?


probably because you have not other option. I wish I could have which works the best for me on the Xperia X

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You are considering your subjectiveness only and 1:1 is only for you - I do not have any kind of agreement with you, nor I have to have one, so please, give me a break with stupid propositions.
No one is asking you what you consider and no one voted for you to be judge over our statements.

Bugs are facts and are not personal opinions … and there are bugs that are already >2y old

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