There is NO way this update was tested. Nothing hardly works

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 100%
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product): Latest
HARDWARE (XA2, X10, X10 II, …): X2A
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): ?

DESCRIPTION:Guys get your act together with this OS especially for paid customers who are trying to support this thing. First we know you guys give no cares for MMS user because in your home country you dont use it…Sorry no excuse its this dysfunctional. please get an android phone and look at how MMS messaging works and duplicate that functionality.

Issue: sms will not open/ mms will not select a picture from gallery 97% of the time. Must reboot phone. I will send one the mms and message app locks up and will no longer open. Tied using system utilities to reset ui no luck…

MMS will not download…did.before the last update. phone super slow to start camera / phone super slow to make a call.

With my time out set to 5sec most time the screen goes black before call even starts to ring.

Call fails to connect on first try about 98% of the time requires a second or third attempt.

When calling the phone with sail fish os (sony x2a dual sim) I can watch the phone goto 3g mode. The phone will not ring the call through.

When the call disconnects the phone goes back to 4g mode So i miss alot of call. Maybe 40% of call make it through.

I can repeat this test and get this result 98% of the time. My test has be using a different phone with the sailfish phine right next to it on the same network carrier. So its not the carrier and the phone is NOT damaged outside of having this buggy OS on it.

This was not an issue before the update. I am on the same T-Mobile backed carrier that I have been on for 4 years.

please tighen up your operations over there and stop releasing untested software.

You have a cool product but you guys are really testing my support. First the tablet and refund debacle now making the phone pretty much useless with a bug filled realse that compromises the phone’s core function.

Sorry for the harshness but the truth is the truth based on my support and use of your product. I simply want something that works.

Maybe you guys need a duel release branch… experimental and stable.

I want to continue to support your efforts but this last batch of updates are not something I would NOT be proud of.



  1. Trying to use the phone as a normal user would

  2. phone → nothing for 10 seconds the failed call try again phone dials after 10 sec the dials tge connects

  3. Sending MMS with photo taken with native camera app that is ver slow to start and qr reader fails to read QR code. Try to select MMS nothing happens. MMS receive fails 97% of the time setting up changed frim previous updates.

must reboot phone to get one mms with picture attached. After that send message at lock out must restart phone to get native sms app to work again.


To have the OS work like It should.


failure to operate basic cell ohone functions


(Please ALWAYS attach relevant data such as logs, screenshots, etc…)


I agree with you, there are many issues with the latest version, but could you please write the exact version you are using instead “latest” (BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product): Latest)

just a personal remark, I wonder what you learn @school now days, or at the time you were there.

Also we let out our frustration in another thread. You could simply describe your MMS bug here.

I am not willing to teach you something, but in my eyes this bug description is as buggy as the bug itself


I had similar problems this update time, until the phone was unusable in the end. So I had to reflash the phone and reinstall all apps. But now everything working fine again!
Problem seems to be less (edit: bugs of…) the new system but more the update procedure.


This is a rant. It is not a bug report. And…is there any chance this account is not the only one you own?

Wonko: XA2, Dual SIM, 4.3, Vodafone, Germany, Daily Driver since SF X on Xperia X.
Some problems sometimes. but increasingly stable from the start


Lol…no I done and I wrote what wrote and I stand by it. The devs need to do better. I did my part as the user to try to explain. I should not have to type in commands to change properties to make a thing work. The best fix is better Q/A before pushing the OS out to the release branch.

But thank you for your offer to help.

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No its my only account, I am a paying customer of Sailfish. I want to see it become better as a former N9 meego user… I know these devs can do and must do better.

So no my bug report was not a rant. Its a report about a buggy OS.

The harshness of the report is to demonstrate to the devs that there has been a slip in quality in regards to these updates. My right to express that and have it come out in my report due to the disbelief that my user experience has been so bad and that I am having to write a report about basic things that should be working.

Alot of times you hear devs say to us users, their PR nonsense that “We Heard you and we have listened …”

Many of us western users know that is not the case. We have ask for some pretty basic functionality and it has been ignored. From unique ringtones for contacts to better and more industry standard MMS operations. We get nothing.

And from the programming side… the development restrictions and google integration are not so good.

Anyway… this is an example of a Rant and was done only as an example to show you the difference from a bug report. Please dont read anything more into this than what it is.


ps. I did have a user write to that a wipe and a fresh install may fix some of the issues I’m having. I will need to.figure out how to do that.


I just wanted to see a version number instead of latest, because it is a reference to something that we do not know.

I completely agree with your request on more Q&A and better quality. If you read my posts, you would know.


I can testify that 4.x and especially 4.3 versions of SFOS do have many new bugs. I posted multiple bugreports about them and found some kind of solutions, but the nature of the bugs shows that current SFOS version lacks profound testing and is essentially a BETA.


Wow, attitude!!, holy smokes!, you talk to people like this face to face?, been beaten up much?, be civil to those helping you and don’t treat us (the public) like something you stepped in.

Be a good boy and update your initial question, like telling us which device, as an X2A is not a valid device and also, you’ve been asked to correct which OS version you’re moaning about - yes, there are varying update version numbers!, again, be civil and we’ll do the same for you!


I am so sorry. I did not know that I was answering a knowing western user.
Please accept my humble apologies.


I had also wondered just WTAF that should mean :laughing:


The fact that only you and perhaps a few others seem to have these huge problems suggests that perhaps one or more updates went wrong or that there is malfunctioning hardware at play (flash memory also goes bad).

At least the thing you mention about calls going to 3G, and once the call is over going back to 4G is perfectly normal and expected, because there is no support for voice calls over LTE (4G) yet, although that’s coming in the next update (or the one after that, not sure).

I would do as @Seven.of.nine suggested and reflash your device with the latest release (in case you ever use the terminal, note that the default username will have changed from ‘nemo’ to ‘defaultuser’). Make sure you back up everything to an SD card first. Use My Backup to add any application, file or folder to the backup, and take note that when you then reflash the device, you’ll have to install My Backup and every application you had backed up with it first to ensure the backups will be restored.


I haven’t been using a XA2 before Verla - was on Xperia X and JP1 before, but my guess is that they missed a baseband dependent adaption in the latest release(s) for the XA2.
At least for the fingerprint reader hardware this seems to be the case (see my bug report for details).
Solid GSM/2G support still is crucial and I very much appreciate the efforts done to cover previous devices with every release, but it seems recent/new devices lack full hardware support and the predecessor devices loose the already achieved level of support (which never has reached 100% too :frowning: ) So release QA has some room to improve…
FireJail and Android support is highly appreciated, but the impact of these to core functionality is horrible.
My JP1 with Sailfish2 runs much smoother than XA2 with Sailfish4, while the latter still carrying all the severe dificiencies of the early days (emailApp, SIP support, weekview in calendar, Bluetooth issues, browser (at the time of my JP1, the percentage of usable sites was higher than today), consistent UI, hardly supported camera modules).
I highly appreciate the improvements achieved in the messages and people app, likewise the “tabs” in the settings app.
But I’d prefer to have an option to stay without the new major features (LUKS, SailJail), since at it’s current state, they are just regressions without real security benefit. This all is beta and will stay beta for quiet some time imho.
My concern is, that the upstrea aurora developemnt makes it impossible for Jolla to split releases into a stable and current branch.
But that would stop distracting long-time Sailfish users… I have to agree that 4.x releases up to Suomenlinna are for beta testing at best.


You are upset and I can understand that for I am a normal user too and I immensely struggled with 4.3 when the early release came. I have an XA2 and an XA2 plus ((with broken cardslot). I updated the XA2 to 4.3 but because it was full of bugs I have put my sim card in the plus, which still has 4.2.
Some say: flash again, install your apps and accounts again. This however is not a normal solution. I got the impression that Sailfish is becoming more and more for dev’s only, not for normal users, like was the intention when the Jolla 1 came out. Really sad.
It is not nice to ridicule people who struggle with the OS. This is of no help and it frightens new users off.
I have bought a 10 III. So if the adaptation is ready I have to flash the OS, something I do not like, but it is the only way. In the meantime my husband uses a Gigaset GS290 ready flashed, without any bugs, with a video calling function in Telegram.
What will Sailfish be in the future: an OS for everyone or an OS for special people only?


I mean… it would help if the post was actually, you know, helpful.
Things that could very well be environment (US operators decommissioning 2G/3G) and no logs whatsoever - what are they to do with that?


Yes spot on… I agree with you. This is becoming an Engineering project for the people that like all that linux stuff…

People say reflash the phone… im not even sure what that means… i was terrified that i was going to brick as they say this phone when I put sailfish on it… and let me tell you… the Android os that was on this phone did some amazing things that I did not know phone’s could do…like casting to a tv and other things straight out of star trek.

As a day one n9 /meego user the features world past me by as Meego died at birth it seemed.

So from the jump. We all have decided we would go backwards by loading sailfish on our phones and tablets…And support the promise of something wonderful , and we still cant do what just about every apple or android user can do but thats ok…

But if the Sailfish teams is going engineer friendly only phone os… it may be time to do a catch and release of this fish and become a sheep and go android …lol…lets hope they turn this boat around.

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dont know how to do all that as I am not a flipping phone dev / engineer.

The alternative is for the devs to hire users from a round our world to test the flipping software so they dont have to rely on not so savvy me for info. You dig?

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I always considered it civil to be humble about things i couldn’t do myself… but maybe that’s just me.
And when i say it could be the operators being too eager to decommission stuff, i hope you realize there is nothing Jolla could do to fix that - perhaps beyond work on VoLTE/RCS - which they are doing, just not on a time frame fitting certain unsupported markets.

Here is the logger tool for the telephony subsystem:
If it is indeed something amiss, i’m sure they be happy for some logs.


thanks for this link

Yet I still like Sailfish! So many devs did a wonderful job. I still hope that the OS will become more stable and more useful.