The Volla 22 (Gigaset GS5) Thread

Thanks for the good news, will it be announced here? I’m still waiting for my rephone to be repaired.

I did try it once, installing VollaOS first, but was unable to make it work. But, it was out of curiosity only so I didn’t try that hard.

Ok, thanks for the confirmation @poetaster, sounds like a very interesting feature to further investigate.

I’m all messed up now. Have a Rephone with Android 12 or 13 gsi image…Can I install Volla OS or Ubuntu with UbPortInstaller? Or do I need Android 11?
Android 11 GSI image dont work…

In theory, IF you install vollaOS with Ubports you should be fine to install SFOS after that.

Have the other users destroyed their phone (android12/13)by installing Volla OS or because of Sailfish Flash?

Sorry, can’t help on that side. I got my rephone with Android 11.

Hi @Fellfrosch, I can see that rephone is basically a GS5 PRO rebranded, with 6GB of RAM and 64MP camera, right? did you have any issue installing VollaOS or SFOS on it? I’m asking because I can see some on ebay at excellent price, I’m thinking on returning the GS5 (amazon refurbished) and give it a try at the rephone instead (better specs and android 11/12). Thanks in advance.

@pamoedo I’ve had some problems, but in the end no big issues. Everything is written here in this thread, starting with this post: The Volla 22 (Gigaset GS5) Thread - #416 by Fellfrosch
I don’t know if the rephone is really just a rebranded GS5 PRO. But it’s not unlikely. If I remember correctly, there were problems with the GS5 lite. And big problems with Android 12 as a basis. So you should keep an eye on the Android version. At the moment you should be save if you can get a rephone with android 11.

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I also have a rephone as a daily. There are a few with Android 11 and practically new still available.

Thanks @Fellfrosch, the thread is too long to read it all, I skipped some parts :sweat_smile:

I will definitely investigate if those rephone come with A11 :+1:

ACK @poetaster, thks for the confirmation.

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If you can get a android 11 rephone, the most important things for setting it up are here to read:

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With the Android 11 Rephone I did not use ubports installer and no volla OS, I flashed it directly after oem unlock. This one works just fine, as a daily.


I had some smaller Problems. But I don’t know if these came from direct flashing. Anyway I prefer the Volla Bootscreen and even more rhe readable fontsize of the recovery mode, after I flashed Volla OS.

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Yes, the recovery mode menu is a lot nicer to use. I prefer it for that, too.

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Nice thing I got my Rephone repaired back. Again with Android 12. Now I will wait for a solution from mr. Piggz. Or I will try the recovery and sideload thing with volla images. Without UBPorts Installer. Let’s see no hurry. :wink:

How about the local downgrade? See the following pictures. With the warning at the end… I would like to test it, because it’s an official signed zip and it has been compatible (last year). I didn’t oem unlock yet. Should I do that before? or later on if I got the VollaOS?

What do you think about that?

As can be seen from the quote of @piggz answer to my question ‘do you flash the vollaOS first’ it shouldn’t matter what the base image is. If system and vendor are overwritten, it’s only a question if the recovery image is usable. The vollaOS installer adds a a more useful than stock Recovery image, so, in my opinion, Just ignore the system, make sure it’s unlocked and usb debugging on, etc, and use the ubport installer to get a clean vollaOS/recovery installed. But this is just my opinion.

Well, I give up. I’m not able to flash an Android 12 Rephone. Flashing started and succeeded. Then stack in fastboot. After fastboot reboot it stack in bootloop. I turned it off. Now it doesn’t power on anymore. Akku out, in waiting. …pressing all button combinations. Does not power on - bricked again. So I just have my first one Rephone, which was on Android 11. :cry: