The Volla 22 (Gigaset GS5) Thread

It’s no problem. One should use encyption :slight_smile: I will use it.
The problem with sim cards exists (vers I have two cards (o2 DE and Play PL). The first card starts when the second are deactivated. After reboot you could activate the second card. It’s a workaround but one could unterstand it. I hope it will be solved in the future

Ah, I understand. That’s a different SIM card issue :slight_smile: But probably related.

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Just a heads up. Found a new Rephone (6GB ram, otherwise GS5) for 169 euro. Flashed vollaos, which did not come up (?) and continued with the sfos flash, all’s well. So far: usb file transfers, photos, videos, wlan all work fine :wink:

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Have you changed the script…Rephone not k69v1_64

Nope. product: k69v1_64 installed fine.why do you ask?

Has anyone every compared the performance of SFOS installed on a sd card vs installed directly on the phone?

I am not really sure if I should install it directly to overcome some glitches, like sometimes problems with the music and pictures database and so on.

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I’m thinking the same thing. I have Sailfish installed on the SD- card and at least using Waydroid slows down the phone and eg. gestures are sometimes sticky.

This is a reply to The Volla X23 (GX4) Thread - #6 by ric9k

@ric9k: I don’t use any Android apps so I don’t need/use waydroid. But waydroid should work: The Volla 22 (Gigaset GS5) Thread - #202 by Seven.of.nine

Oh, yes, ok, thanks.
Sorry, realizing I was a bit too concise.
I just thought you meant there was no way to use Android apps (but you meant there was no Android App support).
Hence Waydroid is possible and I read here that it was working well, as well as the camera, gps and the rest, globally.
So, as soon as my XA2 dies or gets adopted by a friend, I’d enjoy trying one of these Gigaset!