The Volla 22 (Gigaset GS5) Thread

This doesn’t work in my case. On a cold boot, I go to settings and enable PIN and get the SIM prompt, enter the pin and then nothing happens and the sim card is still unknown, even after several reboots.

We should try to get the exact steps to ‘recover’ down. That might be enough information for piggz to recognize a pattern. I just did:

  1. power down.
  2. power up. (sim is gone).
  3. go directly to settings, PIN,
  4. select require enter PIN
  5. nothing happens, leave it open
  6. close settings
  7. return to settings, change SIM (SIM 2 toggle of / on)
  8. reboot
  9. this time sim prompt comes up.

Sometimes I forget to change 2 SIM related settings and I have to reboot 2 times.


can i use with this port on my gs5
android apps?

Yes if you install Waydroid. I don’t know exactly on GS5, but I use it on my Volla Phone / GS290 and it works fine.

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which files i should install?

See GitHub - sailfishos-open/waydroid: Waydroid packaging for Sailfish OS

It was the tricky or’s on GitHub that confused me… but then

Step 1 - waydroid-runner
Step 2 - waydroid-gbinder-config-hybris (but reported is yet installed)
Step 3 - waydroid init
Step 4 - uncomment #bind-interfaces in /etc/dnsmasq.conf
Step 5 - reboot

now brought me a working Waydroid on the Volla, but SF Browser now doesn’t load pages but displays a yellow frame.

Then, to solve this: a # systemctl disable --now dnsmasq and reboot did it, now Browser and Waydroid works.


Yesterday i got my GS5 Lite and now I’m trying to do this. Developer mode is active, i’ve found the USB debugging option and switched it on, but i can’t find the anything regarding OEM updates. I found a setting called “Verify apps over USB” which is on by default and can be switched off, is that what you mean?

I’m not sure what the option is called, but the bootloader must be unlocked. I’ll have a look when I have an android available. @Seven.of.nine do you remember the name of the option to permit flashing?

I have no idea at the moment. I got my Volla phone with Volla OS or UB Touch installed from private seller and hadn’t to unlock the device. So I did install SFOS using UBPorts Installer @ Ubuntu Linux without any problems following the hints given by the UBports app on the Linux computer.

The bootloader has only to be unlocked at the first flashing of a phone. Every further reflash of a device at later time does not require unlocking the device again.

There is one thing with power up the device while holding Volume UP and another thing with (on a powered down/switched off device!!!) holding Volume DOWN and connect USB cable…

power and volume up…fastboot mode…terminal : sudo bash ./

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I’ve found the OEM Unlock setting. This guide basically tells what to do to get there: How to Enable OEM Unlocking on Android [OEM Unlock]

So now i’ll download the zip file and try to flash :slight_smile:

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Well … flashing didn’t go as expected …

First i had to actually unlock it with fastboot flashing unlock, after that i could run the script provided in the 7z file.
The run itself was successful (although i found 141 seconds for super somewhat short because the script indicates up to 10 minutes), and i rebooted the phone.
It’s now in a boot-loop: The Gigaset logo is shown with some text written over it:

 Orange mode
 Your device has been unlocked and can't be trusted
 Your device will boot in 5 seconds

A few seconds later that the screen goes black, the vibrator motor shortly runs and the process starts over again. I am able to get into fastboot again.

What should i do?

you did run the within the directory? My unpacked 7z looks like:

-rw-r--r-- 1 mwa mwa   33554432 Nov  5 18:08 boot.img
-rwxr-xr-x 1 mwa mwa       1443 Nov  5 18:08
-rw-r--r-- 1 mwa mwa        382 Nov  5 18:08 hw-release
-rw-r--r-- 1 mwa mwa       5534 Nov  5 18:02 Jolla-
-rw-r--r-- 1 mwa mwa      41636 Nov  5 18:09 Jolla-
-rw-r--r-- 1 mwa mwa     105945 Nov  5 18:09 Jolla-
-rw-r--r-- 1 mwa mwa        162 Nov  5 18:09 Jolla-
-rw-r--r-- 1 mwa mwa 2263393668 Nov  5 18:16 super.img

Make sure you’re using a usb 2 not a usb 3 port. The latter causes issues.

You can also use a USB hub with a USB2 socket if your computer has no USB2 socket or a USB2 only cable is not available.

I indeed used the script, the directory listing is identical.
To be 100% sure, can you post the sha256sum of all the files?
I was not sure if i should use the testing or the development version and tried both.

The phone was connected to a USB2.0 port on a Das Keyboard, which means there is a hub in between. The port itself as well as its upstream port are both USB2.0.

the phone is game over like my gigaset gs5…

I’d recommend the hard way, since I can’t remember exactly what I’ve done.
First download the ubports-installer. With it, install Volla22 image (you need to boot it to android once to get the developer settings set up). Then when the android install from that is set up, go back to flashing with the script.

The reason I say this is that the port was developed in the context of the Volla22 project and might depend on that exact android install.

Sorry that didn’t occur to me earlier. Too many irons in too many fires.

Edit: I have a spare that I need to flash but don’t know when (probably thursday or friday) I can get to it. In any case, I’m going to use the procedure I outline above.

I’m pretty sure the phone can be brought back to life.

Thanks for the instructions. I’m not in a hurry, so i don’t mind if it takes some time. My main issue is the ubports-installer which is not packaged for my distro, so i either have to do that myself or install a supported distro on a spare system. Either way, it’s gonna take a while :slight_smile: .

Do you know where i can find the Volla22 image? Or does the ubports-installer download that for me?