The Volla 22 (Gigaset GS5) Thread

Sending images via Fernschreiber doesn’t work for me, too (Sailfish versions and

Don’t know if it’s device specific or a general issue.

Sending the images via fernschreiber as file works though.

Edit: Seems to be device specific. Sending images from my XPeria 10Plus via Fernschreiber works on

Fernschreiber pics works for me (Volla22 and GS290).

Which version do you use (SFOS, Fernschreiber and TDLIB)?
What was your installation source (openrepos or Jolla store)?

Ah, the volla22 with I also have an issue. Works with

I’m a bit messy. The one on the GS290 is from the Store. The Volla22 with is from openrepos-WerkWolf. The older, a GS5, is built from source and that’s an older 4.4. Hmmm.

I just tested the 4.5 version again and with an image attachment I get a double post.

Ok, the version works when launched from the terminal. I believe it’s a sailjail thing.

Doesn’t work for me even when launched from terminal.

I get the following messages:

Interesting. Did you delete the old ‘failed’ picture messages? Or did that message appear with a new upload test? I had deleted the failed image transfers before testing again.

Take smaller photos :slight_smile: cant send big photos · Issue #135 · nickoala/telepot · GitHub

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Smaller pictures seem to work. It will be a good idea to implement picture rescaling in Fernschreiber as the pictures taken with the V22 are larger.

4608x3456 seems to go through. That’s not so small :slight_smile:


Pictures taken with the front camera can be sent.
Pictures taken with the main camera can’t be sent.

How can I change the resolution of the main camera?

Use advanced-camera from chum store

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Hi Mr. Piggz, I know that in Linux an update is ready, when it is ready. But is this here the place to be, to get an early announcement for your updates?

can you tell us how you managed to rescue the GS5? I did the same thing with the ubports-installer_0.10.0_win_x64 and i briked mine too. The phone doesn’t do anything, just a black screen with charging led on if i plug it in.

GS5 or the lite version. The latter, I couldn’t recover at all. The GS5 lite is the one with 64GB. I simply mistook the one for the other (too many test devices).

so there is no chance to get that black screen shine again? :grinning:
i coincidentally found out that the device manager flickers with detecting some sort of usb device when the GS5 is connected via USB. Maybe there is some hope on this.

If it’s a GS5l lite with a newer android base (12), you are hooped. There is probably a way to recover, but I could not. The GS5 (128 mb) I managed to force twrp onto and screw around. But the GS5 lite was dead. It’s interesting, but, too much to do :slight_smile:

Hello everyone,
after a long break I have any time to test the newest update. Adam has been worked very hard on it. It’s a very stable version.
The problem with sim cards still exists but the solution by poetaster is a good workaround.
For testing I don’t use encryption. Does it mean, I don’t use userdata partition for home? Currently I see only / with 6 GB free and not /home with 128GB storage or Is it a loopback mount and /home is mounted on the memory 128GB ?
│ 259:12 0 8G 0 part
│ └─system_a
│ 253:0 0 7,8G 0 dm /android/vendor/bin/vndservicemanager
│ /android/vendor/etc/vintf/manifest/manifest.xml
│ /android/vendor/etc/init/mtkrild.rc
│ /
│ 259:13 0 107,5G 0 part /android/cache
│ /android/data
│ /userdata
All saved files on /home use the space from root fs.
Regards :slight_smile:

ah, I think you MUST choose encryption because of the way the base image is laid out. @piggz still the case? That at least was the case. Since the dual sim issue is gone. Someone has mentioned BLE is not there and I have some minor (development related issues) but it’s really solid with