The big Thank You & Coffee thread

I was thinking of ways to support the devs of the community when I wondered: what if some messages on the forum turned into coffees?

This place is to give a thank and a coffee to devs who make use of their free time to create native apps.

In this SPECIAL THREAD there are 3 RULES for posting:


i.e: go get him/her a coffee and then come here to post your Thank You. In other words: 1 donation = 1 credit for posting. And this includes replies: wanna reply to Johnny? Go get a coffee to any dev you like, say Thank You and then add whatever what you want to say to @Johnny in the same post.



Yes, hard to comply with, but likes must not become a shortcut: donate, create your own Thank You post and say why you personally enjoy an app. This is also a rewarding part for any dev!


  • You can post a Thank You without buying a Coffee if the DEV does not accept donations.
  • You can freely reply to a Thank You post if you are the dev who has been thanked.
  • If you wanna donate a beer instead of a coffee, you can :wink:

As a final note: there is no police enforcing the rules. Only, the dev will know weather you really donated.

If you do not like this thread or want to say thank you freely, you can use this one instead.

If you do, please stick to the rules and… let’s reward them together.


Thank You @direc85 for Battery Buddy! Every 2-3 years I reset my phone and change the battery, but this time I will skip. My Xa2 is 3 y.o. and still going strong. The app saved some fuss to myself and some waste to the environment.


Thank You @Mister_Magister for Microtube! Yes, I sometimes get stability issues for the way it has to work, but this app can make something other apps cannot: surfing YT without logging in and being tracked, besides offline subs and many other benefits… it really makes my whole SFOS experience better. Thanks man, keep at it.

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Great initiative @enrish, let’s hope this becomes the longest thread on the forum :grinning:

My thank you for today goes to @rubdos (and by extension @direc85 and the other contributors) for the amazing Whisperfish Signal client. Not only do I use every day, but it seems to get better every day too.


Thanks to @SanderKlootwijk for NedNieuws!
I use this app every day.

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My Thank You + Coffee in this post goes to @rinigus for Pure Maps.
When you drive accross Europe and an app developed out in somebody’s free time reliably leads you to places you cannot even pronounce the name… well, you DO feel extremely grateful.

@kea, great you edited your post by the rules! Thank you!

@flypig, it is wonderful to see somebody who already does so much for the OS and the community donating to other devs :wink:

@ everyone else: as nice as it is, please do not use the like button. If you agree with a post, give your own thank you + coffee for the same app. Thanks though.

Come on, let’s make those devs nervous and drunk with coffees and beers!

I would love to give a coffee to @rinigus too!
For years it has been my favourite maps app, and I love using OpenTopoMaps with is, the best thing for hiking!
Simply an awesome map app, with really crazy amount of backends and supported platforms, extremely impressive!

Thanks + coffee now goes to @BlacksheepGER for Zollstock. It was cool to buy a bedside table after measuring it with a phone…

@JacekJagosz here is the link

Please after you donate just edit your previous post, so no post is left without a donation :wink:

Thank You @direc85 for Battery Buddy! Its a nice and clean app i was looking for my Sony X Compact Daily Driver and of course for my Second Spare-Device Sony XA2 with also SFOS.

I Donate 2 Coffees, so i have one Credit left here hehe

Buy direc85 a Coffee. - Ko-fi :heart: Where creators get support from fans through donations, memberships, shop sales and more! The original ‘Buy Me a Coffee’ Page.

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Thank You @direc85 for Battery Buddy and especially for your helpful and friendly way of supporting others in the forum.


I second that. Last Credit used.

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@direc85 mee too!!! Many thanks!

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I really miss time to learn coding to be able to contribute as much as the devs of these really great apps do. So, donation is one of the ways remaining to me.

It has been a long time since I want to donate again but I postpone to search who, where, how much, what payment method…

So this thread is a good kick!
@enrish humans are generally lazy. What about putting all the donation links used here (and more?) into the first post?

Thanks @direc85 for BatteryBuddy, the updates and support.

Donation link:

Lots of thanks, beer and coffee to @rubdos for huge work on Whisperfish, and very dense and friendly support.

Donation link:

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Some more caffeine to @direc85 for GpsInfo that I used a lot to diagnose and test GNSS on the XA2.
And another coffee for the contribution and big work on Whisperfish for @direc85.

@enrish, I use more apps than that and at least, you are right, it is time to give back something.
But the forum is blocking me to pay more cofee and beers! Even virtually, there is a limit to beveragesl! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Donation link:

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A 20 char workaround to post more :–)

Thanks and coffee @rinigus for Pure Maps which I often use and appreciate a lot. A very useful app.
One of the apps allowing me to use exclusively SFOS in every day life!
Without the community devs and apps, SFOS would be unusable ad daily driver.

And one beer for OSM Scout.
Most of all, thank you too for your presence and assistance in the community.

Donation link: Donations to Rinigus |

@WerkWolf, if you accept coffee, I didn’t find your where is your donation link?
Big thanks for Fernschreiber that I use a lot!
One more app without which I couldn’t avoid using Android (/Support).

@ichthyosaurus, same question, I didn’t find your link for a coffee, a tee or a beer.
I often use Captain’s log which is a cute app. Thanks for maintaining and continuing it!

And again, without @olf too, it would be hard. Thanks for Storeman and for the work on Chum with @rinigus (and others, perhaps). Where is your coffee cup?

Too many people contributing finally.
Jolla should open a bar, so we could pay general tour drinks all at once!
I also miss @nephros’ and @pherjung’s cups to thank them for the help and presence on the forum!
Plus the other ones I am ashamed to forget ATM…


Note that @nephros, Vlad G. (@b100dian, @vlagged) and me deliberately decided for Patchmanager not to accept or channel donations for / to persons, see for the result and the prior discussion:

I am fine with that (donate to OpenRepos, alternatively to the FSFE) for all the pieces of Software I wrote or (co-)maintain.