SIP on Sailfish/Aurora with s1p

The easiest way to install something from OpenRepos would be to first install Storeman:

  1. Download the RPM (for armv7hl ) of the current Storeman release from OpenRepos per the Sailfish OS Browser:
  2. Enable Settings -> Untrusted software -> Allow untrusted software .
  3. Start the File Browser app and go to Downloads . Tap on the downloaded Storeman RPM and select Install in the top pulley.
  4. Disable Settings -> Untrusted software -> Allow untrusted software again.

Taken from:

Installing s1p without storeman would work the same way, just with the s1p rpm instead of the storeman rpm, of course :grinning:


Wow! I’m really happy!

have now installed Storeman, this worked perfectly at the first attempt, and I never knew that so much software is available for the SFOS phone!

After this I searched and downloaded s1p, and download and installation worked also perfect and it starts crashless. Now I have to make a SIP account at some provider and have to try…, and will report as soon as I have results.

Thank you so much!

edit: after installing s1p, after a short time, the mobile access point failed. permanently alternate connected / not connected. So I deinstalled s1p, and restarted the network on the phone. -> did not help! Then I restarted the phone by power off / power on. After this, mobile access point worked good again. Reinstalled s1p, mobile access point still working well.

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Does anybody know how much data volume the running s1p app consumes,

  1. in standby mode, per hour or by day, and
  2. while talking, per minute ?

I ask this, because I need SIP phone mainly in foreign countries, where I only have prepaid SIM cards with limited data volume respectively no included free data volume per month.

Further, is there a data counter in the s1p app?

The amount of data in standby largely depends on your provider.
s1p does not send any keepalive packets at the moment except for REGISTER packets in intervals you can set.

There is no option to see data counters yet but feel free to open an issue should you think this feature to be important.

In Sailfish settings there is already a Data counters app which may help you to determine your network usage. Just measure e.g. for an hour without s1p and the same duration with s1p and you should be able to subtract out the difference .


Hi, has anybody the corret settings to use s1p with
I’ve set User, Password and Server Domain/Address like in the settings (add a new phone), unfortunately it doesn’t work.

Unfortunately I don’t own a fritzbox but you could upload a log trace to the issues tracker.

Maybe the is waiting for the confirmation to add another client?
On full GUIs you get this message and it is shown during setup.
Either you can confirm via directly connected phone or via button on the box itself.

Have now installed s1p on my wifes and my two SFOS Xperia 10’s and made two accounts and got back info from for both accounts:

SIP identity:

Mail: my/hermailadress…

Username + Password,


Enterd this into s1p configuration, and left Authentification User + Server Port empty.
The other fields like Register Interval (3600), Bind Address (, Bind Port (5060) I left as it was and made no change.

After restart of program it connects to and reports ‘registered’. I have a number keyboard on the screen. On dialing ‘normal’ phone numbers, some speaker/headphone… icons appear but there’s no connection, and I cannot disconnect, have to close the app and reopen it.

What number has my wifes and my account now? How can I make a Linphone to Linphone call, using my wifes/my usernames? Can only enter numbers. What number have I now on Linphone?

Linphone Homepage is not helpful, FAQ “coming soon” there, therefore I ask here…

copy & paste doesn’t work? I just opened notes and wrote down an email address, marked, pasted, green phone symbol apeared…

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Thanks for this helpful tip! Copy & paste did work! So I could enter the adress into the calling phone.
I used the format:
(exactly this way, no extra charakters)

But the other (called) phone did not ring and on the calling phone it was not possible to hang up afterwards. Had to close and reopen s1p as before.

On both phones the message ‘registered’ on the screen. On the called phone there was nothing to see or hear, no reaction.

Network provider is ‘vodafone yu’ a spanish prepaid SIM card. Is there something known relating blocked SIP ports with this provider? Or did I make a syntax error?

edit: I have some (google, facebook) addresses blocked by /etc/hosts entry, directing them to . Can this be the reason for SIP is not working?

@7o9: Well, you still need a SIP account that includes a phone number and link it with the Linphone app. Linphone is an app and not a SIP provider.

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Just tried and it worked. I suggest you provide log details.

Edit: just realized, this is too short and misleading. I used s1p to call an account on, but s1p was registered to an Asterisk server.

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On the linphone homepage -> free SIP service -> manage your account, there is an input field ‘phone’. as default there is +33 (rest of line empty), this is country code of France. What number shall I enter here? My mobile number?

@apozaf: Yes, they offer download of phone app and desktop software on their homepage, but on the homepage, there is also an offer for creating a SIP account (Free SIP service). They say: ‘There are 750719 users registered with this service.’ So I did create two accounts for both SFOS phones of my family.

I only want to talk from one phone to the other like a walkie talkie and not make calls in the public telephone network for the first test.
Can I simply enter my mobile phone number in this field? Or have I to do something else?

Ah, ok. The last time I used Linphone was in 2005 :smiley:Thx for the reply

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Which country are you from? Maybe there are easier/better services available than linphone.

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I am now in La Palma, Canary Islands. But my home country is Austria.

There was an authentication issue with which has been fixed in 0.9.1
It may still fail occasionally for unknown reasons, though.

Calling an alphanumeric user name on will also mean you have to copy&paste it into s1p.
Unfortunately there seems to be no way to select a number as user name on


You could also check out (and the corresponding SFOS app) should you look for more of a true walkie-talkie like experience.

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I just added 2 telephone numbers to one contact in contacts. One of type, the second of type The second one s1p is able to pick it up from contacts. It looked like it would start the call immediatly. I would like to have to press the green phone…

Yes, if you select “Call” from the context menu in contacts it will try to call the number immediately but this is consistent with the behavior of the Jolla dialer I think.
I’m not sure if entering a number along with the domain will actually work, though.