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So… don’t hold it that long? If I hold the power button on my computer for five seconds, it kills the power, too.

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This is my ‘private initiative’ to start this thread, because I saw many feature requests and wishes spreaded over so many threads. I wanted to create a single wishlist for the users so that the devs can have better overview. (last but not least I wanted to communicate my demand of the SIP functionality).

It is NOT an ‘official’ initiative from Jolla.

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I wouldn’t suggest it at all, but two times in summer happened to me that I accidentally hold the button and phone goes shutdown. One of that case - when I went from house to garden with phone in hand and take chair and other things so I had full hands…

:slight_smile: OK, so I get it, s1p is maintained after all :wink: Looks nice, but I’m not sure how to setup account; my SIP provider gives me: username, domain, proxy (and password of course). I don’t know where to put proxy (maybe I should start another thread, 'cos it’s going offtopic here?).

It doesn’t really support setting a proxy different from a registrar/domain yet.
You could also just open an issue in the issue tracker should you need this feature.

@unmaintained : I found your page on OpenRepos, and downloaded the newer armv7hl version.
What have I to do now to install it on the Sailfish Phone? It’s a Sony Xperia 10 Dual SIM.

I’ve created a new topic for s1p - otherwise it would feel like I’m hijacking this thread with apparently so much interest in SIP on Sailfish.


OP @Seven.of.nine , could you please edit the title to “new feature requests” (plural)? This makes it a lot clearer what this thread is about. Otherwise it seems that this is a sloppy-titled thread for one specific feature request.

(Or also something longer and more descriptive is fine, of course.)


Yes, having it in plural is better. Done.

But hey, note that we have now the new category “Feature Requests”. See About the Feature Requests category. There is no need to collect multiple requests under one post/thread.


Yes I agree, but Jovirkku was faster … :wink:


Duckduckgo as search engine for the browser.
How could google and yandex could be use and not the best search engine for privacy ?
And yahoo is not a search engine…
It’s a such shame…


You can add it yourself:


Nice ! done and work perfectly. Thx !

I tried, but no chance for me…
What is here to do? Please explain this for a housewife!

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  • Enable developer mode in settings->developer tools and select a password while doing this.
  • This will add the app “terminal” to the phone.
  • Open app terminal and type the following
    devel-su (followed by enter. It will now ask for the password you selected above)
    curl -o /usr/lib/mozembedlite/chrome/embedlite/content/duckduckgo.xml (followed by enter)
  • In settings->apps->browser you can now select duckduckgo as search engine.

Or…from open repo add the search package from coderus…

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Solved as 3rd party by coderus with


I forgot to make the change in settings/apps/browser. But now I did so, DuckDuckGo is now added to the settings menu and it works perfect after choosing it! Thank you very much!

@juiceme @peterleinchen @Kuba77 AFAIK, IIRC, etc, the rationale for 5 second power key press shutdown is something like…
In some older devices (N900, N9?) merely pressing power key long enough causes hw poweroff / reset. There was some device where already 7 second (or so) press was long enough for that to happen. As such action can cause data loss etc -> it is desirable to make it possible to at least attempt to perform an orderly shutdown even when UI is not responsive -> that 5 seconds is just a value in between and distinct enough from 3 seconds for power key menu and 7 seconds that might trigger hw power off.


I also have some wishes:
the possibility to make video calls in Telegram and Wire,
a good working GPS,
sharing possibility with Piepmatz,
Qwant and Duckduckgo added as default search,
mirroring to tv.