Sharing image via MMS fails after update

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 100%
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product):
HARDWARE (XA2, X10, X10 II, …): Xperia X Compact (official Sailfish X port patched for F5321)
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): Yes


Despite of working cellular Internet and correct MMS settings, sharing image via MMS fails with message:
“There was a problem with sending this message”



  1. open Gallery pick any picture,
  2. tap share button and select MMS
  3. put recipient phone number or pick recipient from contacts
  4. tap send button


MMS with attached picture is sent to the recipient


There’s error message quoted in bug description


I’m using official Sailfish X for Xperia X port patched with g7s tool.
Both my home and sdcard are encrypted. It didn’t matter if shared picture picture is located in the phone memory or sdcard.
Here is a snippet from system logs when an attempt to share image was taken.

According to responses in thread:
same bug was experienced by at least three other users, on different phones (Xperia XA2, XA2 Plus and Xperia 10 II Dual sim).
Up to SFOS 4.2 image sharing was working fine.

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I confirm the bug with XA2 Plus dual sim.

Hmm could this one be related?

Are you able to receive MMS or is it broken both ways?

Receiving MMSes is fine, it’s sending just broken.

I can receive MMS but can’t save picture in it into the gallery cf. Impossible to save MMS attached picture

Confirmed, saving pictures recieved via MMS fails here too.


That’s an important piece of information, thanks!

Thanks a lot. At least now saving images works, sending still fails.
Those lines from system logs suggests there’s a problem with copying files when message is composed

[C] unknown:0 - Cannot copy message part file "/tmp/sailfish-share_0aBHrp/234833504_698102787813271_5747347366182043989_n(1).jpg" to "/home/nemo/.local/share/commhistory/data/82738/234833504_698102787813271_5747347366182043989_n_1_.jpg"
[C] unknown:0 - Failed copying message part to storage; message dropped: 82738 "/tmp/sailfish-share_0aBHrp/234833504_698102787813271_5747347366182043989_n(1).jpg"

Internal bug filed. We need to investigate why sending the MMS fails in some cases.
Thanks for reporting.

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I have the same problem, receiving MMS works fine, sending doesn’t.
Strangely I can share a contact by MMS, just can’t send a photo or file
SailfishOS 4.3, Xperia XA2 build

I can confirm this behavior on both my Xperia XA2 Ultra (official) and my Xperia XZ2 (community), both on

journalctl -f shows:
Dec 02 12:25:25 XperiaXZ2 [6583]: [C] unknown:0 - Cannot copy message part file "/tmp/sailfish-share_RnYbAj/Screenshot_20211202_001.png" to "/home/defaultuser/.local/share/commhistory/data/1871/Screenshot_20211202_001.png" Dec 02 12:25:25 XperiaXZ2 [6583]: [C] unknown:0 - Failed copying message part to storage; message dropped: 1871 "/tmp/sailfish-share_RnYbAj/Screenshot_20211202_001.png"

The tmp directory it references doesn’t exist, so I’m guessing some broken permissions are preventing something from moving over. This is a deal breaker for me. Is there a projected ETA at Jolla?

EDIT: UPDATE: @rinigus just released a flashable update for the Sony Tama devices today, which I just (fresh) flashed to my Xperia XZ2. Sending MMS works now, so I’m almost certain it’s a permissions issue related to OTA’ing. However, receiving MMS no longer works. I’m investigating and testing now.

EDIT: UPDATE #2: Interestingly, as soon as I enabled “Download MMS automatically”, my MMS’es started working again, in and out. So, since this is a fresh flash I can conclude that an OTA to is what breaks MMS, probably related to permissions. If at all possible, other users should try to flash directly to without OTA’ing. I know it’s inconvenient, but it may very well solve your issues. If anyone could provide any feedback with their experience, that’d be great. Good luck!

EDIT: UPDATE #3: Still broken, see new post below about how to fix the regression.

There exists a bug in that causes the MMS problem when download automatically has been turned off.

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Thanks @sunkan for bringing that thread to my attention. I downgraded jolla-messages and jolla-messages-settings on my install (Sony Tama, Xperia XZ2) and now MMS works perfectly. I was having issues sending and receiving, and this cleared up all of my problems. I thought it was related to broken permissions following OTA to, but it is definitely a regression in jolla-messages.

Issue seem to be related to patchmanager being installed, see this thread:

I can confirm, once I’ve get rid of patchamanger sending mmses works fine.
Weird, but for me it’s valid workaround.


No need to get rid of it any more. See thread.

Yep I saw it, but thanks. I did uninstall PM yesterday, and haven’t really much time to check it back.
My post was more of a hint that there’s a relation between the cases.
Assuming PM is still kinda broken and barely any patch gets updated (at least those i’m using) so getting rid of it wasn’t much pain for me.