SFOS support for new xperia devices

Will SFOS support following Sony devices

Xperia 1 III,
Xperia 5 III,
Xperia 10 III

in future?

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Well, first of all those devices need to be added and supported in Sony Open Devices Program… only after that Jolla / SailfishOS can consider supporting them. Currently none of them are supported.



Most likely SailfishOS will support the Xperia 10 II soon (“Jolla time”).


I can see that the latest porting guide is talking about Xperia 10 II (AOSP 10) at page 7. This is a good start to support more recent Xperias (https://sailfishos.org/content/uploads/2021/02/SailfishOS-HardwareAdaptationDevelopmentKit-

Sailfish Community News, 22nd April - Platform Development - Sailfish OS Forum

I quick look suggests it’s a reasonable upgrade from the Xperia X that I have

Bigger without being too massive. Ever so slightly thicker and wider with added length of 14mm+.

OLED screen vs. IPS.

Slightly (8-10%) improved graphics (Adreno 510 v 610).

Hello everyone, … I apologize, … this is my first post … so if I’m doing something wrong, please tell me, let’s talk about it …

I owned an original Jolla phone - it was the first smartdevice I ever owned and I liked it. Now that it’s unfortunately not really working any more I was wondering … (since I’ve read about Jolla cooperating with Sony) … should i then go to -> https://buy.jolla-devices.com/contact-jd/ <- and buy myself a phone from them? or where else can you get devices? Should I wait for the Xperia 10 II there? What options do I have? And do I need a credit card before I can buy stuff? I would like to get a device that is supported for a few years again … and I want to admit to you that I don’t have a lot of money to spend per month so I have to save some at first but I’d like to continue on using “Sailfish” as it seems to be safer and nicer to use than what I’ve seen from people who e.g. use Android or Windows phones.

The shop you have linked is not an official jolla affiliate but a third-party seller who flashes Sony devices with free SFOF version and sells it to customers as used. Then you can buy a license for the full version from Jolla and avtivate it on the device to install support for Android support.
This does not mean that he is not trustworthy, I’ve never read any complaints about his service.
In case you don’t feel comfortable with flashing a device yourself it really is a useful service.
Otherwise you can aquire a supported Sony device at any shop, unlock the bootloader and flash SFOS yourself.

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Dear Doulos
everything you need to know is stated very clearly and easily understandable on Jolla’s site (Sailfish X)
afaik your posted site is not related to Jolla at all, it is up to you where you buy your supported device (soon also X10-II), what device you buy (used or new) and how you pay it.
best regards

I confess I don’t even know yet what an affiliate is, i haven’t found information on that yet … and as for how to go about all of this I am lost too …

I was hoping to find some info on how to do this from people here and also some suggestions on where to buy this or that device as well as advice on which device i actually should get : )

an affiliate entity is a company that is controlled by another company (its parent company). Jolla-devices is an independent trader, so he is not an affiliate of Jolla.
But I really don’t want to discourage you to buy there.