SFOS support for new xperia devices

Android is not the issue - I am down to a couple of Android apps now that are necessary and thus far, they still work. We’ve had to deal with the old Android version since the start and Jolla gave up on a higher version for the X a long time ago.

I try to deal with reality rather than reading tea leaves.

I expect SFOS availability and updates to continue for the X at least until the battery on this thing dies. After that, I’ll consider my options.

As I wrote earlier, the 10 ii is a viable upgrade, but not enough for me to ditch this phone yet.

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They’ll continue for as long as the Jolla C and Tablet remain supported. All three will be phased out at the same time because it wouldn’t make any sense if they did otherwise. However, seeing as Jolla is planning to make the proprietary components like Android support separately available for use in community ports, it’s certainly possible that community members would pick up work on any of the devices Jolla stops supporting, theoretically letting you use your devices forever. So, from an officially supported Xperia X with a low AOSP baseport and a low Android support, you’d go to a community supported Xperia X with a high AOSP baseport and a high officially supported Android support.


Since the answer is more implied than spelled out here, i’ll just summarize fore new readers:
Possibly, maybe almost probably for the 10 III - but not anytime soon.
First the device has to be added to the Sony Open Device Program, which it isn’t yet.
After that it will take something like 6 months to get SFOS running on it, reasonably polished and sync up with a release cycle (if history is anything to go by).
Jolla may or may not have plans (probably more like ambitions at this point), but will not announce anything before they know it will pan out (again, if history is anything to go by).


To add to attah`s answer: Here are some dates and numbers.

Name SFOS ready First released (from wiikipedia)
Jolla 1 November, 2013 -
Jolla C May 2016 -
Xperia X October 2017 June 2016
Xperia XA2 October 2018 February 2018
Xperia 10 November 2019 February 2019
Xperia 10 II May 2021 May 2020

Well, the Xperia 10 III has been added 3 days ago!


Some comparisons for folks on an XperiaX. A 10 III, when/if it arrives it’s probably a decent upgrade.


It’s about 50% better CPU and improved a much better GPU.

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Make it 150% better CPU.

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I can produce better meaningless numbers:

  • Sony Xperia 10 II
    Octa-core (4 x 2.0 GHz Kryo 260 Gold & 4 x1 .8 GHz Kryo 260 Silver)

(4 * 2.0 GHz) + (4 * 1.8 GHz) = 15,2 Ghz

  • Sony Xperia 10 III
    Octa-core (2 x 2.0 GHz Kryo 560 Gold & 6 x 1.7 GHz Kryo 560 Silver)

(2 * 2.0 GHz ) + (6 * 1.7 GHz) = 14,2 Ghz

The Xperia 10 III with 14,2 Ghz is a 6.57895 percent decrease compared to Xperia 10 II 15,2 Ghz.

This is NOT the way to compare specifications, even if it was 150% better like the clearly funny and sarcastic @jameson wants, it does not matter since SFOS for the 10 III is not out yet.

And if / when it does come with SFOS, the “150% better CPU” can be interpreted in a few ways.


But we have a Kryo 560 vs 260, therefore
15,2x260=3952 vs 14,2x560=7952.


The comparison was specifically meant from the X, which is now 4 years old. I added the technical features comparison as well as the Core CPU comparison, as both are relevant for an upgrade.

The 10-II isn’t really that much of an upgrade technologically or from a performance perspective, while the 10-III is very likely to be a noticeable user improvement, rather than one measured on the stop watch.

Your ignorant attitude (or perhaps mindless humour) is noted.

Disclaimer: In my past life, I benchmarked stuff for a living. I have mercifully forgotten more about this than most people ever knew, and very possibly you as well.

oh damn…
everyone calms down now… what behavior is that?

no one is right.

The performance of a phone is neither
nor CPU’s x GPU
nor the GHz itself (Hardware + Software = Apple)

But everyone can have a very own opinion.
No reason to be impolite.
We all should be friends :slight_smile:
It’s all just a phone, not who has the biggest … car (to compensate) and so :v:


Sorry @Andal_GER,

I wholeheartedly disagree:

Ah, sounds like that “everything is just someone’s opinion & all opinions are of equal value” mantra.
Which is bullshit (IMO :wink: )!

The point @jameson and @emva were playfully trying to make (which apparently was harder to comprehend, than expected): These benchmark numbers are basically irrelevant, i.e. “meaningless”!
Their statements bear truth and relevance, hence are “right” in my understanding.

As an owner of an Xperia X with SailfishOS, which still is my “daily driver”, I can assure you it is fast enough for all tasks (in contrast to, e.g, my Jolla 1), even demanding ones like JavaScript-heavy web-pages in Firefox with lots of active Firefox add-ons and 100+ tabs open.

I can also assure you that there is sufficient incentive to switch to a newer SailfishOS-supported Sony model, even an Xperia XA2 model or the regular Xperia 10, which do have far less CPU performance (GPU is also slower), because:

  • After more than 4 years the battery has become quite weak.
  • The AOSP 4.4.4 (API level 19) based Aliendalvik does not allow to use current versions of Firefox, Conversations, K9-Mail etc.
  • The screen coating is damaged at the location where I usually scroll (which happened with all my smartphones after more than 3 years of intensive use).

But what made citing these performance numbers completely senseless, was to compare an Xperia X with an Xperia 10 III, which is not supported by Jolla / SailfishOS (and may never be)!
An comparison with a Porsche 911 would have exactly the same value:
None at all in this context (i.e., for using SailfishOS).

WRT your other points:

But everyone can have a very own opinion.

Sure, but some are clearly nonsense, and it is actually helpful for forum readers when of irrelevant and distracting statements are pointed out.

No reason to be impolite.

AFAICS nobody really was, just clearly marking BS as what it is: bullshit.

We all should be friends :slight_smile:

Why is that?
I do not want to be befriended with everybody at FSO, neither I want to be told that I should.
I do value people with substancial contributions, logically I do not like people who fill this forum with senseless statements.

It’s all just a phone, not who has the biggest …

… performance numbers? :wink:


I agree, that is an significant upgrade, BUT people should not buy it only for SFOS now.

Yes it is, the jump is bigger from the X to X10 II than X10 II to X10 III
(OLED screen, water IP65 and bigger battery, are the things I care about)

It is more mindless humour than ignorance :slight_smile:

I kind of envy you and feel sorry for you at the same time, on one hand you get access / can play with the latest and greatest on the other hand is the performance race…To push out articles fast :slight_smile: (I still read some on anandtech.com)

Here we come back to a small point; When you wrote those reviews; you (most likely) did not write them on the “latest and greatest and fastest” computer. If you had wrote the reviews on the top of the line machine the extra Ghz would not have helped you writing faster.
(I am 99% sure about that one)

Hi Andal, a friendly discussion in my mind.

In this you are correct, there are too many variables. If you want to be short there are two words: Better or worse (and variations of those) but not very descriptive, so a person stretches the words to be 2-3 lines, but then skip some information that makes more questions.

“People are entitled to their own opinions, but not to their own facts.”
Is a quote I like.

My dad is stronger than your dad :slight_smile:
(Am I doing this right?)

The software must should keep up with the hardware, sure you can throw some more Ghz on, but it is better to have a more updated Gecko engine and software that can use the extra features that newer CPU`s come with. An example: I could not play No Man’s Sky on my previous PC because my CPU did not support a version of SSE (thay have since patched it)

(Here I go again with writing one word when I should explain over 3-4 paragraphs why we should try to be better too each other)


I totally agree with you on that. Which also makes it quite sad. In my case it sure could be another 1,2 maybe 3 years my daily driver. But the Android 4 Level and the poor photo quality bugs me.

I already wanted to upgrade to the 10 ii, but when Sony released the 10 iii I thought I could speculate for the 10 iii, because of the 5G support

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I was able to get pretty nice pictures by editing some file to only allow manual focus (by half-pressing the shutter button), but for some reason it’s no longer working on the latest OS updates and the camera always uses autofocus, causing blurry pictures.

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3 good reasons and the first two especially as all X users (incl. me) are experiencing that now.

Additionally, the 10-II larger battery and lower battery usage of the chip are significant. The 10-III even better,

I couldn’t do a 3-way CPU comparison on that particular website, but I did do it for the full features list, which IMHO is equally important, otherwise I wouldn’t have done it. I didn’t do the GPU comparisons because I couldn’t be bothered, but improvements there are for sure, though for general, non-video media use, they are probably not noticeable YMMV.

The 10-III seems to be the most likely “next” device of the same format, that will actually offer a significant improvement in user experience over the X, which was a pretty good phone 4+ years ago! That Jolla haven’t announced it yet is the reason I also showed the 10-II specs. Is the 10-II even a purchasable item now?

You can see the X v. 10-II CPU benchmarks here Snapdragon 665 vs Snapdragon 650: tests and benchmarks and they are not a brilliant performance boost, YMMV

ps: It’s no longer updated for Android API 19, but I have found Kiwi Browser to be an excellent Chrome based browser that runs well on the X

Support for Xperia 10 III announced in Happy Birthday Jolla! | Jolla Blog.


My crystal ball always has great clarity :wink:

If I buy the discounted Sailfish X for the 10 mark 2, will it work on the xperia 10 m3?

Don’t think so right?

AFAIK, Jolla lets you transfer licenses to a new device.