Sailfish OS on Ginkgo (Redmi Note 8)

Someone please make a port to Ginkgo Redmi Note 8.
I’m ready to be the tester.
Although this is the only device I have.
The problem is that in my place in Indonesia no one sells smartphones with the Sailfish OS.
I want to try another device experience.
Once I asked the help of good people.

Do understand that you are basically asking someone else to put down many 100s of hours of work for free, and temper your expectations accordingly.
I honestly don’t think i have ever seen a port request come through.

But if you search the forum, it looks like it may already have been done.

Nowhere sells phones with SFOS unfortunately. (Well there is one individual, but not counting that).
…but supported phones surely ship to Indonesia too, being a globally connected country.


Surely not pre-installed, that you have to do yourself.

But are you saying you cannot even get one of the supported Sony devices?

No offense intended but i guess it’s the usual “bought a cheap phone, please make sailfish for it”

It’s beyond my understanding why people insist on buying unsupported phones instead of supported ones then asking for a port

In this particular case anyway, i might guess that sony’s phones are not sold in indonesia or really that pricey…


yes, you’re right.
It’s been a long time since Sony Xperia was here.
but after I browsed the specifications of the Sony Xperia 10 II the same as the Redmi Note 8.
I want to port myself via computer in internet cafes in my country.
Can anyone give me a tutorial on how to port Saifishos ROM from Sony Xperia 10 II to Redmi Note 8?
Sorry in advance if my post is disturbing on this forum. :pray:

It is not that easy, it can take countless hours to get a working port. Here is some usefull stuff to read:

Thank you very much for your input.
I will first understand how before I try to port it myself via computer. :pray:

Porting requires at least some 10 of gigabytes and a Linux computer with root access. The activity is taking tens of days. Are you sure you can have these kind of resources on the same computer at an internet cafe?
Considering you might be allowed to boot an external hard drive, you would still need to have a linux distribution ready to boot on any hardware and the rest of the space needed.

Indeed having the same SoC may help, but not much, as the sony is built based on Sony AOSP branches, you probably have to start from a Lineage ROM. The commits in here might help after you booted and got telnet but is TBD.


OK thank you very much for the input.
hope this helps.
but sorry again, is it possible to try porting sailfish x sony xperia 10 II via a Windows 10 computer?
I am very curious and really like new things.

and is the way to port it the same as most Android custom roms such as LineageOS, MIUI, Pixel Experience, GrapheneOS and others?
or is it a completely different way of porting it.
Sorry in advance if I’m a little annoying on this forum. :pray:

Should be possible to compile everything under a linux distribution running on WSL, but telnet access and flashing needs to be done on the host Windows.

This requires a processor with virtualization support and the amount of space for two operating systems on your machine (guest linux and host Windows) And I don’t see much benefit vs. just dual booting.(hmm…maybe the linux installation may be smaller in WSL because it doesnt need graphical packages?). But still sounds a bit risky and the machine might nit be 100% used (.e.g. You may need 16GB ram for building, depending on target Android version. Or more.)
I din’t know if the ubu-chroot would work in WSL either

For your other question, look at HADK to see if it is like ROM development. I would say for the most part, no.