Can anyone port for Realme 8 4G? Device name is 'Nashc'

Can anyone please make a port for Realme 8 4G (Nashc)? :pray:t3:
I would be very thankful if anyone did :pray:t3:

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I guess not, but you can buy one phone from the sony xperia line, namely xa2, xa2 plus, 10,10 ii and 10 iii as of now, to have the system an official port

Or one phone with a community port, like the pinephone pro, the volla, the fairphone and the gigaset

No chinese phone with an updated port at the moment

Obligatory reply:

It still baffles me to no end people will even ask this.


Though a simple “No” was enough you put a big sentence like “100s of hours of work for free, and temper your expectations accordingly”.
To me it sounds like an unnecessarily ignorant and rude response when I just asked asked if anyone can build it, I didn’t order you to build it, you could have also asked for money if you wanted but naa you choose to be rude unnecessarily.

Now you are just making excuses. A plain “no” would have attracted doubt, pleading and arguing.

What part is ignorant? Harshness was entirely intentional.
If anything is ignorant it is asking this question given how much effort it takes. I can’t imagine any one individual wanting to pay even what $1/hr for such work would sum up to. So it seems quite silly to suggest it when the hourly cost for someone that is capable would be many times more still.

If there were only faux-polite “no”-answers, people will never start thinking before asking.


So basically you are saying that because a simple “No” would have attracted doubt, pleading and arguing you choose an another way to do that anyways.

So your rudeness was intentional, basically again saying that you wanted to start pleading and arguing. I mean why even reply to the post if you have to talk like this? Why can’t you just ignore it?

You have a particularly weird habit of concluding and predicting the intentions and responses of people but that too incorrectly.

I would suggest you to please just settle if you can’t make it.

No, bluntness.
I find it quite rude (unhelpful and belittling) to not tell people when they are mistaken as if they could not deal with it.

Because then the forum will fill up with ignorant duplicate questions and suffocate any useful discussion.


Yeah you are right, the forum does get filled up by ignorant duplicate replies and suffocate a genuine question.
Rather than bluntly replying “No, because I can’t do it, try it yourself”, you actually got rude and that’s not helping anyone.

@attah I’m in your team!


@Humanity”, as you are criticising @attah’s replies so much, let us take another approach:

The answer is likely “Yes”, there are a few people around who might be capable of doing so, if some technical aspects are O.K. with this device.

But just praying for that is not going to help.

I would be very thankful if anyone did :pray:t3:

Thankfulness and prayers are very minimal incentives to spent weeks of hard work: You should offer at least a few 1000 €!

Otherwise you original posting is just another “Can someone port SailfishOS to device XYZ” spam, and your reactions do not show much understanding.

P.S.: You might notice the reactions (i.e. “hearts” given) to your and @attah’s posts in this thread (“topic”).


Just download the HADK abd try it yourself.

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Hmmmm, you want 7000 USD?
And am I supposed to see who is getting likes?

Nope, no time and no interest in this device (or any of a Chinese manufacturer).

And am I supposed to see who is getting likes?

Oh, I see, you just came to this forum to ask your original question, which started this thread. Well, you may have to wait a bit, the rule-set of Discourse is overly complex, but the defaults are unaltered here at FSO, so you can look them up at


Look, earlier it was rudeness on the name of me somehow ‘asking things for free’, rather than accepting that @attah has a weird habit of concluding things incorrectly, now even when I added financial incentive you are saying that you have no interest. I mean why even care to reply to my post at this point.

You say that I should care to look who is getting likes but that too for 2-3 likes? Which are are given to people with similar rude mindset, and then come people with a goal scoring mentality by saying that “Bro I am in your team” for someone else but still having the audacity to like my comment.
Screenshot 2024-03-25 at 7.55.03 AM

I am now closing this topic.

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I would say, considering how much you offered you’d better buy an xperia and an official license, much cheaper xD


@Humanity, I just want to point out that you are jumping to conclusions multiple times, because you repeatedly accused @attah of doing that (and I cannot really see that he did):

I never had any interest in this device, but I am not “anyone”, who you addressed in your original post.
Now you (and I) know that no reader of this thread is either capable or willing to accept this task for USD 7000.-.

BTW, USD 7000.- is at the border of being worth to consider such an offer for a developer who has sufficient time, but there is still the issue that nobody can guarantee an fully successful port: some things may not work properly under SaifishOS. Or it may not be feasible at all, but that can be determined quite quickly.

You say that I should care to look who is getting likes but that too for 2-3 likes?

No, I did not say that! I wrote “you might notice”, which implies the option of not noticing, meaning “It is up to you if you want to notice …”.

But you may reconsider who is rude here. @attah and me pointed out the efforts porting SailfishOS takes, which are usually grossly underestimated by anyone who has not taken a close look at such a task. In short: We addressed technical and organisatorial aspects.

For some reason you feel personally insulted by this and start bashing around by calling people “rude” etc.

P.S.: Ah, obviously you do see the likes now.


Spillover from xda-forums. Over there it’s standard behavior, and people usually get tons of likes for such questions. Sometimes these ports happen, but afaics it’s always because the person who made it uses the same device, and never because “the community” asked for it.

Considering the number of Android derivates & Android devices & Android users worldwide: even a broken clock is right twice a day.

SailfishOS is a different ship altogether.