Any thougths on a port for a BQ Aquarius M10 FHD?

Seems the UBports/Ubuntu Touch project has stopped supporting their only official tablet device. Granted it is an older device, but it should be able to run Sailfish I think.

Specs are here

It has

  • Chipset: Mediatek MT8163B
  • CPU: Quad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex-A53
  • GPU: Mali-T720MP2

Thoughts anyone?

The Lollipop kernel is probably 3.x something. Maybe as “new” as 3.16, but considering Jolla themselves quit supporting 3.4 Jolla Phone, there’s a small chance that somebody is going to work on this (not to mention enabling sailjail, anbox or waydroid).

Our society does not optimize for Android working with mainline kernels, and this is what we get: working devices as landfill…

Now, if Xenial (16.04) would also get new apps is another question: probably not. Many years have passed and there’s always some building block actually requiring modern software components that make “LTS” only mean a couple of years in most software products.

Yeah that is what I am on now. But the Ubports devs say they no longer support it. Hence wondering what else I can put on it to not turning it into a useless piece of hardware. I hate e-waste.


Since you say “they” about “devs”, i assume you are not interested in or capable of doing it yourself, so i’ll quote myself from another thread:

…and for a really dated device with a measly 2GB of RAM, no less. So unless you are going to do it yourself, i don’t see who could reasonably care about it.

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And there’s nothing special about it - except that it used to be one of Ubuntu’s smartphone devices?

Yeah I get that. But as I said to others. I hate the idea of it being e-waste, this is what Linux is supposed to be fighting against :unamused:

If there are comprehensive guides on how to do that, I’ll give it a go. I’ve built custom OpenWRT images in the past and so kinda understand how it works, though never dealt with Android blobs and stuff, which sounds like so much voodoo to me atm.


So bottom line, I need to find a modern Android image for it first. Nothing shows on XDA so I guess I am SOL. Old version of Ubuntu Touch it is then. :sighs: