Sailfish OS - List of apps

Hi all,

I have searched the forum but i cannot find a place that shows me the entire list of apps you can download from jolla app store.

Is there any link to the Jolla app store so we can take a look?

Besides, is there any app for youtube or messenger (don’t need to be official) ?

Also, when you install SFOS, does it come with any default app you can’t remove?

Since i don’t want to use google apps, i would like to know what apps come in the jolla store, so i can take a look at the alternatives.

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You could take a look at MicroTube

There isn’t really a website for apps in the Jolla Store, but there exist web pages for

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Thanks a lot NIS.

This already gives me an idea of what i was looking for.

No problem. Also, sometimes you need to be a bit creative with your search, because some apps don’t mention what they are directly in their name (e. g. you need to know that “Whisperfish” is actually a client for “Signal” and so on)

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are also good for beginners, there as also a #getstarted category.


This is one thing I really don’t understand.
Would it be so bad to have at least a browsable index?

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I’m not Jolla, so I cannot really answer here.
But I can totally understand your question, and I also think that this would maybe be a good idea, especially for beginners who want to switch to SailfishOS and want to look which of their apps are available if they switch.

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I have found this FratzenJail — SailfishOS:Chum, a Sailfish OS software repository by the community

for facebook, but what about messenger, does it come integrated with this app?


No it doesn’t

Your only option is to use messenger on browser desktop mode but it’s so damn slow and frustrating you will end end up using the android app or like me, not using messenger entirely on a phone

And whats app, is there any app for this on the jolla store that works fine?

You have to buy the license in order to run Android App Support, which will allow you to run Android Apps, like Whatsapp.

Yes, but you need to set up a matrix account with a bridge

Well, there is one default app that can’t be removed: the tutorial app


It used to work a little, you could access the web version of FB Messenger. But it never worked very well.

As I have stopped using FB I can’t tell whether it still works.

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Maaaany years ago there was a site that was showing the apps from Jolla Store for Jolla-C and if I remember right there was some basic search functionality. No ideas if it is still up and running or if the source code is available and you can make it run for other devices too.

Here, I did a little search for you: Jolla application Store - web version -

One more: Web interface for the Jolla app store


The above mentioned (on TJC) web catalog uses a hardcoded database, so it shows nothing beyond 2017 (when that database was last updated).

The database is part of the github repo under assets/data-top-new.json.

Does anybody have an idea if this database is stored on the phone, too, when I open the Store app? I just spent 10 min searching for it…

Warning the Josh! project mentioned in the previous post uses Yandex metrics. I cloned the project and removed those metrics, but there’s still 3rd party stuff like bootstrap and jquery. Test here if you want:

BTW I did find out that the store-client (on the phone) reaches out to but nothing more beyond that.

had a long hard look at what happens when I open store-client.

It utilises a lot of info from /home/.zypp-cache, but this does not include images, icons, screenshots.

And I could not find out where that info comes from - I’m guessing from and if we don’t know how to work that API it’s all for nothing.