[Release notes] Suomenlinna 4.3.0

Since yesterday, I see that there are still issues with PackageKit. Storeman can’ t refresh repositories, and I saw that PackageKit service was not running anymore (it starts fine but seems to crash).

I’ll have a try at suggested fixes and will give a feedback.

On a Xperia 10 Dual Sim the update broke the Camera app.
The app starts but the preview is black, with the shutter not working.

(This happened 2 times, I did a re-flashing to 4.2 and repeated the steps)

It was good that the coordinates got finally fixed, not sure how nobody reported or fixed that issue earlier because the incorrect behavior had been there for years.


I covered it in my blog post today: 2 days with SailfishOS "Suomenlinna" 4.3.0 - a feedback

" Anyway, so what is Suomenlinna?

If we look at this picture:

we see a kind of fortress, and indeed Wikipedia confirms that Suomenlinna is “an inhabited sea fortress built on eight islands about 4 km southeast of the city center of Helsinki”."


Xperia 10: Seems the power button sometimes stops responing. Have to reboot from terminal and then it works again.

Hi all

In the release note Jolla write for the Android App Support (XA2, 10, and 10ii) : " Android system image is signed now"

Signed by who ? Jolla ? Other Company ?

May be my question is stupid, but it is not very clear for me.


No problem here on Xperia 10 dual sim I bought from you! :smiley:

Actually, just for a change, i was quite delighted at how easily I updated to 4.3. The download and installation was quick, restarting seemed to take a while and almost appeared to go into a boot loop as I saw the Sony logo and unlocked boot loader warning, twice, but it started just fine.

I only noticed that vibration has ceased in one of my apps, but I have found the bug report for that and upvoted. Otherwise, I’m really happy with the OS and hardware, a massive upgrade (to me) from Jolla1.

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Hi Edz,
the issue is not happening on another exemplary, so it may be related to the hardware or the version of Android that was present before (sometimes it’s better to factory restore with the Sony tools).

Same here, I have XA2 too.

The problem with lack of internet (WLAN) access with Android apps when coming back into WLAN coverage still exists. It is not fixed with this update. (Xperia XA2)

Android App Support has regressed since the release of 4.2. There’s also issues accessing Location with Android apps since 4.2. I have opened a Bug Report here. GPS/Location not working for Android apps


I updated a few days ago and didn’t run into the Android connectivity issue again until this morning. So it is better (for me) but not fixed yet.


After update my Xperia 10 II to I have observed that the display turns on briefly at regular intervals with no interaction and no incomming notifications. As if you press the power button, but do not want to unlock the phone.

Has anyone also observed this behavior?


I have moved all posts (I hope) related to OS update problems from this thread (4.3.0 release notes) to a separate one in here.

Let’s discuss the OS update issues in the new thread, not here.


You catched almost all :wink:

Still to be moved:


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Same for me, this morning some applications started complaining that “Internet connection is not available” when on WiFi while others (Whatsapp for example) still continue to work. When using mobile data all of them seem happy.


I haven’t experienced the connectivity issue at all with 4.3, and only seldomly with 4.2. I don’t use WiFi at all ATM, so I think it’s time I start using it and see what breaks :slight_smile:


The update went through cleanly and without complications. The camera app and especially the mail app start much faster. Thanks for this.
Unfortunately, this bug is still present.
The problem still occurs when mobile data is on and no WIFI is available.

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any update about fixing known issues for supported devices?

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X10 II: indeed, I’m also noticing that 4.3 forces the user to become memory manager again. Native apps don’t seem to get auto-killed anymore (most notably, Browser), which causes foreground Android apps to constantly run out of memory. Slack may exit literally during typing a message, super inconvenient. Aqua Mail exits during message display, etc.

4.1 had this really bad, then 4.2 was a massive improvement, and have we regressed now with 4.3?

Android subsystem "AlienDalvik" reports isLowRamDevice() to apps - #7 by ExTechOp says “lowram” flag was dropped.

What if this is actually not an option :frowning:

Which is good!
I do not want my terminal session to get autokilled by some obscure mechanism.
Neither my native clock app showing time, nor other native apps like opened camera and other

Here, I may agree as this is one of the most memory hungry ones.
Maybe agree to mail and messages: but - as you pointed out- I often have them open in a pending edit…