[Release notes] Suomenlinna 4.3.0

Do you happen to know how to provide two separate builds on OR that are selected based on the OS version? If you find it out before I do, would you let me know? I’ll do the same for you.


Not yet…I will let you know if I find out anything

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Maybe this write-up helps: https://github.com/Olf0/crypto-sdcard/blob/master/RPM-dependencies_Git-workflow.md#release-version-format-rpm-dependencies-and-git-workflow

Storeman also used this scheme, but now uses a two step process (an installer, which installs the target application), which is more complicated: https://github.com/mentaljam/harbour-storeman-installer


It would be easier to download (or when it becomes available) and flash that to the phone.

How to do that with a Jolla (1)/C/Tablet?

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Thread with images

Thread with instruction


Slack icon is also missing after reboot; I created a bug report for it. Please add your application to it, too. Thanks!


I am fully aware of that!

But this is far from an ‘offical solution’ and not yet mentioned here in this forum, much less covered by an article on Zendesk.

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BTW does anyone tried to send MMS with 4.3 on Xperia X/ X Compact?
For me it fails with errour in journal:
[2992]: [C] unknown:0 - Ignoring MMS sendMessageFromEvent with no parts: “82668|6|czw. lis 4 22:43:20 2021|czw. lis 4 22:43:20 2021|2|0|1|0|0|([/org/freedesktop/Telepathy/Account/ring/tel/ril_0:+48697256323])||||1161|||0|5|0|0|0|0|x-mms-to=+48697256323|subscriberIdentity=260032661673795”

As a sidenote about Andoid Apps Support, decision to keep the old ports fpr Xeria X kinda will bite Jolla in the long run.
With introduction of firejail sharing contacts wit android apps (whatsapp) fails here, same version of whatsapp works just fine on JP1 running SFOS 3.4
So in the end Jolla would have to support two different Android compatibility layers or just ignore the fact new SFOS features might break it on Xperias X.

Thanks to the team for the good work and making me happier =)
Besides the issues that were report my favorite fixes are:

  • Having the Android image signed so banking app is now running
  • Fingerprint sensor is working again

Thank you very much an keep on performing!!!

I did not tell the reset and update sequence clearly. My device is Xperia X. I did a reset a month ago and then I had to download and install several versions starting from 2.0.x till one by one with the phone GUI from “Settings/Sailfish OS updates/Check for updates”. I did not make notes of the update sequence but there were about 6 updates to download and install. Then I just did some random test every now and then and waited weeks for the new release. Two days ago I downloaded and installed After installing (Suomenlinna) the camera just does not work any more. It starts and dies in a few seconds.

Another topic:
quoting and replying.

IIRC the quoting (after selecting text) function was working on 4.2 browser, or?
Maybe I mix it up. So asking here.
On 4.3 this does not work (anymore/again)?

Same issue. Yes it was definitely working on 4.2

Another issue. Whenever Settings is launched (fixed on the scteen, after finishing loading) it hangs for some good 2 seconds unscrollable, items couldn’t be clicked.(XA2)


I can install Storeman Installer (icon with arrow) but when tapping on it, the wheel keeps turning.Just like with Jolla Store.

I am getting alot of Android crashes since updating, Signal, FF, etc… This did not happen in 4.2 but after 4.3 its about x5 times so far. Anybody else ?

Here the same. When tapping a URL or tryping to copy, I get a pop up with two browser icons plus Piepmatz and Magic Earth.

sorry, it should be ‘trying’

The Android integration is very cool. Now even bank apps are working!

For each release you give an explanation about the name oh the release. You forget for this 4.3 (or i don’t see where).

So Suomenlinna is a sea fortress near Helsinki. It seems a very beautiful place !!! And may be we can hope that with this release, our sailfish os become a true fortress for all external risks :slight_smile: