[Release notes] Suomenlinna 4.3.0

may someone please enlighten me how i can get tracker3 to index my mediafiles… thx again…

@jovirkku It seems that sharing from the gallery to Android is not working at least on Xperia X. Or am i doing something wrong!?

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Vibration in applications (including Hardware tests) does not work, If
Settings - Sounds, etc. - Touchscreen vibration off

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It’s the native one that appears twice:

Talking about this:

because of this:

The reason is it takes around 40 secs to break the password. So current encryption system is kind of pointless.

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yep, i’m also having the SFOS browser listed twice

I am srill seeing other ambiences than my favorites sorted first when selecting ambience.

Is this a bug that i tracked or are there only some that are affected by this?

The favorites system is useless if it does not sort those ambiences first IMHO.

The simple & safe way:

  1. Install Sailfish Utilities from Jolla Store.
  2. Open Settings > System > Utilities.
  3. Scroll to the last item “Tracker database”. Tap “Clear”
  4. Wait for a minute or two.
  5. Open Gallery & Media apps to check when done and what was found.

The improvements on the Android App Support are not on the older version used on Xperia X (JollaC, Tablet). You are not doing anything wrong.

We are working on this, it will become much better. Please wait.

Hmm. I wrote a comment about this to the bug we had “fixed”.

It is on our backlog, i.e., we have not yet fixed this.

I agree, that would make this mess more readable. I do not know, either, how to do it, but I will ask around.


this is what i did on 4.2 … sadly it has no effects anymore…
i even reinstalled it… no effect…

how should i proceed…

°edit: after another reboot it seem to work now…
thx again for ur support…

Did you create a copy of that open-url.desktop file previously? I know some people were doing that to fix clashes with http handlers with some third-party apps, and if that was still there then this might happen.

Thank you for getting back to me, no I haven’t edited any files for http handler clashing purposes (or any other purposes :slight_smile: ) It is not a deal breaker by no means for me just I reporting it back in case there’s something obvious to look at / fix.

The crucial “encryption improvement” is to be able to enter a alphanumeric encryption passphrases.
IIRC that was already acknowledged by Jolla as a reasonable and feasible (WRT resources, planning etc.) improvement.
Cryptographic background: This is needed in order to enter sufficient entropy (> 100 bits) with less than ~ 42 characters, which it takes when being limited to digits only.

Everything else @lolek addresses is a whish-list IMO, though @rinigus already implemented all this, thus Jolla could pull this in.


@jovirkku So unless, somebody ports the 4.4 Kernel to our beloved Xperia devices we will not get, any of this nice new features. What a pity :frowning: I would even pay another license for a newer Android support, but will not buy another device as long as mine is working, 4 years on SFOS now :slight_smile:

The Camera and Compass are not working

you need to provide a bit more details :slight_smile:
which device?

my XA2 camera not working anymore “trying to open but not”
and any video not working “trying youtube browser or any videofile on phone”

I have the same problem with Sailtrix

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I think you’re talking about setting a different default browser. What I’m talking about is the setting within the Sailfish browser to add a website link to the app grid. I had one website set up in this way. Everytime I tapped that icon on the app grid it opened the website in the Sailfish browser.

Since the update to 4.3 everytime I tap the icon I get offered seven different apps to open that link. You’d think since it was created from the Sailfish browser that the Sailfish browser would be automatically chosen.

My test device is Xperia X. Factory reset a month ago and no apps installed after that. Suomenlinna 4.3 installed yesterday after some problems. Now I have the same problem: when I start the camera it starts, minimizes to desktop for a few seconds and then just stops without any visible error messages.