[Release notes] Suomenlinna 4.3.0

In my case it says: remove or revert …

  • fernschreiber
  • pure-maps
  • whisperfish
  • mapbox
  • ofono-alien binder

uninstalled the 3 apps, disable all repos in storeman, then pushed install

and did succeed

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In short: Yes, patched with the help of Eugenio’s tool. Licence for Xperia X. Complaints ignored.

again: how can i make the player and the gallery find my files? both empty. they are on the sd card…
would love to hear some music…
thx in advance…

Did you upgrade by command line?
I finally managed to upgrade using the usual version --dup !

I had the same experience with Slack app. Trying to update it, Aurora said Conflicting package exists. Never seen this before. So I did an un/re-install dance.

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The Update went smoothly. I removed three files as suggested during the download of the new file.

Android apps start much more quickly.

I had a website added to the app grid that used to automatically open the site via the browser. Now every time I tap that icon I get given a list of app to open that link with. Is there anyway to set that link to only open the browser? It’s nice having the option to choose but usually once you have chosen an app, that’s the app you’ll be using each time you want that link. Having to choose each time ads another unnecessary step.

Some Android apps crash the first time you try to open an Android app after a reboot.

Even though Android App Support is enabled to run at start up the is a message in a banner at the top of the screen saying Andoid App Support being started when some apps are launched…

Since the 4.2 update Here Maps keeps crashing/freezing

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again, none of the pics i take are to see in the gallery… only androidapps can see em…
what may i do to get my pictures back?

thx in advance…

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…not supported but indeed, especially when opening a URL saved to the app grid, the option of saving the chosen browser (or other app) would be nice. Let’s see if this can be arranged in the future.


@jovirkku to bad that phoen encryption improbements didn’t get into this update, hopefully it will be released with the next update.

On my XA2 I installed the new Storeman Installer. when tapping, it keeps turning. Doesn’t open, just like apps in Jolla Store.

Hi, give me a pointer to those improvement requirements or the related discussion, please. I am not sure what this is about.

Getting these notifications:

No ‘libcrypto.so.10’, necessary to install Fernschreiber or Telegra’me (harbour).

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Overall the update seems to be a solid one for me so far, all the apps seem to be loading quicker and are more responsive, the phone feels snappier. Battery life is the same (no new drains have been introduced) and switching from mobile data to WiFi and back doesn’t create problems (i.e. some Android apps thought that there’s no internet etc with 4.2).

@jovirkku A minor quirk that I have noticed is that when clicking on a URL and get the list of applications that can handle it I get the browser twice in that menu/dropdown. I would appreciate if we have a way to cleanup stale or multiple entries from that menu. If an application listed as capable of handling URLs gets uninstalled, it still shows up in the dropdown despite the fact that it no longer exists on the phone.

Read a bit to fast there. yea, there is a difference in opening defaultBrowser://jolla.com and path/to/a/browser://jolla.com

Maybe a feature request:
When saving a URL to appgrid, choose witch browser to open that specific shortcut.

Have a look at this thread: [][WIKI] Missing libcrypto.so.10 breaks several apps

libcrypto.so.10 is part of OpenSSL, which has been withdrawn from SFOS at this Version.

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Hi jovirkku,
This is all a good point. Thanks for taking the time to reply.
I wish to point out, simply for learning, that I have not missed a stop release, and I have encountered this problem.
Not sure yet how to fix.
Thanks again,

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And afair I was hit by this using the GUI updater as well, then.

Which browser is this? Namely, we have a fix on 4.3.0 to eliminate the duplicates from the “open with” pop up. It works mostly (e.g., for Sailfish browser, Firefox, FileManager+, etc.) but it still seems to fail with Opera (i.e., Opera appears twice) for an unknown reason.
To check your last sentence, I tapped at a URL in the app grid to see the pop up menu. Next, I removed the apps APKpure and Opera. When invoking the pop up again, the removed apps did not appear there anymore.
So, we have tried to make it right but there may be some small items to fix.

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