[release notes] Kvarken 4.1.0

Why ‘request’?

More one for a specific bug report and already confirmed to be noted internally (so probably fixed in 3-4 months).

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Good to know ,thanks! So, let’s ‘heartvote’ that report (am I the only one thinking there’s lots of cross-posting recently? :wink:)

So the update notes say there should be a .24 available, but I can’t see it on my X10 II (although I am enrolled in EA). I would really like to test that, so that I can verify, if that fixes my bugs!

I guess that’s because it’s free version which doesn’t get OTA updates.

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How am I supposed to test that then? Reflash? That does not sound like fun!

try this: Upgrade to a new version with Sailfish X free - #5 by xsetiadi

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Thanks, that works. I thought version dup was also blocked :3

Update to was available on my 2 phones by Settings/Updates/Search for updates and the usual confirmations as it is always.

Download abt. 70 MB, confirm installation, enter access code a few times and at the end the SIM PIN. Result: both phones working without any problems, all data and settings still present.

Thank you Jolla!

edit: my 2 phones are set to “early access” in the Jolla account.
A 3rd phone in my family, that is not set to “early access” does not see the both updates to and -24.

Just updated from to and don’t see ill effects with keeping package less (XA2).

The .23 to .24 update should be now available through the UI also on Xperia 10 II free SailfishX version.


While I can’t test that anymore, it is still very much appreciated. Thanks! :3

So .24 fixes the last bullet point in the 10 II-specific issues (front camera with Android apps), right? In that case I recommend removing it from the text or adding a “fixed” somewhere.

Thanks for the reminder. Done.

Regarding of the Android on Xperia models (XA2 dual sim in my case):

"Rotation of Android apps fixed (it follows the option chosen at Settings > Display > Orientation)

Temporarily disabling the dynamic rotation by pressing a finger on the screen still doesn’t work properly for the Android apps. When you press a finger on screen, when flipping the device, the current orientation stays locked only as long as your finger stays on the screen.

As soon as you take your finger off the screen, the screen will rotate to match the current orientation of the device.


Hopefully that means sooner than later. It’s torture having a discussion on SMS or online and typing without predictive text. Please don’t let us wait a year for this :cry:


2021-05-24: was released to Early Access subscribers. Some issues on Xperia 10 II fixed, including: Incl. front camera in WhatsApp video call

Suppose there are testers of Android support for Xperia 10 II. As user of free version we are out with Android support. Or how? Is there something I do not know?

Since 4.1 is still EA you probably won’t be able to buy the license version with Android support until its public release. At least that’s my guess, haven’t looked at the shop to verify
Certainly there are some alpha and beta test groups somewhere. so the mentioned fixes apply to that test version not yet released to public

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I am more than willing to BUY the beta license for Xperia 10ii, even at full price!

C’mon Jolla, give us that choice! :slight_smile:


The licences will become available today.


And … I’ve already purchased a license :slight_smile:

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