Upgrade to a new version with Sailfish X free

In September 2020 I installed Saifish X free ( on an XA2. The system reports “up to date” in the settings, though I think that further releases occurred. Will the Update function work if I upgrade to a paid version?

Comments: 1. I do not have use for the advertised paid features (android/exchange/autocorrect), but automated updates is a the feature I would pay for. 2. I would like to avoid flashing manually.

you should see 3.4 update for your phone and no you dont need to flash
if you cant see it, you can still update from command line or using sfos upgrade tool from olf, to be found on openrepos


Is a Jolla account configured?

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If I go to Settings/Accounts, I can see the account, if I select it it says “active”. It can go to the account webpage, where in the “Devices” section I can see the IMEI of my phone.

back in the time i use sailfish x on xperia x (free version) of course you can still update. but update on terminal not in setting, try this


ssu release (replace with the update version you want or on your setting update)

version --dup

that will update your current os to the newest based on version you type on ssu release. CMIIW

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In the meantime I installed sfos-upgrade as suggested by a comment above, now executing “sfos-upgrade”.


I think you can just skip, and go to version 4. but the download size might be huge.

and succes ?


Success with It took 30 min to download and install but I am amazed how smooth it went. Everything is back as it was. I might wait some time before upgrading to 4.0 until it gets out of preview.


maybe waiting for it to more stable, since a lot of people report about bug in sailfish 4 is a so called Stop Release. Hence, phones having OS release 3.3. or earlier in them must first be updated to and only then to