[release notes] Koli 4.0.1

To all that use Whisperfish, here’s a list of issues of which one makes Whisperfish currently incompatible with 4.0. I’ll try to fix that over the weekend (and then upgrade myself too). I’ve vouched to keep 3.4 supported as long as possible.


Now that’s a monster changelog, I look forward to trying it once I get hold of the emulator!


Are there EA build targets available somewhere? My installer didn’t list any.

you recommend to have 3-4 GB of free space in internal storage. What do you mean by internal storage? Rootfs has only 2.4 G on my XA2+. Size of home is 17.4G, so it should be easier to free some space there.


Upgrade went smoothly (XpX), seems that browser bookmarks are wiped.

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Try this to restore bookmarks

cp -r .local/share/org.sailfishos/sailfish-browser/* .local/share/org.sailfishos/browser

I’m curious about and looking forward to the Notifications improvements. Will this change the Nemo.Notifications QML API?

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I believe the changes are already reflected in the documentation. At least it looks like there are some new properties.


Thanks for the hint. Command which you provided did not fix the issue but simply copying bookmarks.json file from

.local/share/org.sailfishos/sailfish-browser/bookmarks.json to .local/share/org.sailfishos/browser/

brought bookmarks back.


I fixed my command, it should work now

You may be right. I didn’t look that closely.

Interesting. Few comments:

  • did I just loose all my browser history?
  • why is the default page set to asa.org?
  • I love the new ambiences, but the icons are a bit much
  • calendar opening from event screen leads to empty screen, most likely due to…
  • duplicated calendar entries are still there (mulitplied by sync)
  • opening links from whatsapp does not open the browser anymore

Otherwise awesome!

Browser seems to be unable to load anything on XperiaX

You cant read the time while notifications are present.

EDIT tried to move .mozilla, didn’t help. Also couldnt see anything in the logs what looked like an error


@phklrz: It could be. Did you accept the permission request shown in Gallery when you opened Gallery the first time? The list has Sharing…

On gemini I have this message

Uninstall the following before proceeding update …

is this normal? Those packages are install by the system …

I got such a message with another list of packages, such as contrac, screencast, obexd-contentfilter-off, sailfishconnect, systemmonitor. I just removed them and will reinstall after upgade

@kaulian: That should not have happened. Valid system packages should not be listed as harmful. It should be safe to ignore that warning and continue with the installation.

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My XA2 said still that is available, but didn’t anymore eventhough I searched for new updates in the settings. I had to use terminal to set phone into release mode and download manually.
The same thing is now with the…
I have triple checked that “early access” is on in the account. I deleted Jolla account and created it again - same thing - XA2 is quite happy with the
Any ideas what to do? (other than go to terminal again… I think it should work via settings…)

Installing Koli 4.0.1 on a XA2plus went smoothly, no issues experienced. 1 - However recurrering events from Google-account sync still adds numoerous entries. 2 - backup takes a very long time while the calendar is backup.

Yeah, my humble wish was ignored in the revamp sadly.
My hopes where high :smiley: