Pop-up notifications should not block view on status bar

Currently both pop-up notification types are displayed on top of the status bar.

The not dismissible bar-style system notifications (Unplug charger, Android App support needs to be started, e.g.) are hiding the status bar completely.
As a long time user i daily have the occasion that i want to peek at the battery percentage after unplugging the charger but that info is hidden by the notification.

The App- and general purpose notifications in dismissible bubble style are less annoying in that sense but still, often i want to see info from the status-bar and first need to dismiss a notification that blocks the view.
This makes a split second peek into an “aargh, i need to swipe the annoyance away first” experience.

My proposal for the floating dismissible notifications would be to move them to the bottom of the screen.
Another advantage from moving those down would be to have them closer to the thumb and thus not needing to reach to top of the screen to swipe/dismiss them.
If moving them to the bottom is not doable or to radical change somehow, please consider to place the notifications with a spacing to top so the status-bar remains visible at any time.

For the system notifications imho it would be great if that black bar would push the status-bar and whole page content down, not overlaying it.

Mockup attached to indicate behaviour


I like the idea of getting a bubble notification on bottom. I would like to see whole text after pressing the notification bubble longer.


It depends on the application which is open. E.g. if you have a messanger with the text field at the bottom and you get a notification, this will block the text input. If the messanger is a multi room application it may notify itself if there is a new message in another room.


I don’t really have a problem with the current location of the notifications in general, although I really dislike the charger unplugged notification. My charger is very fragile and when I move my phone a bit, it disconnects. Usually the first thing I do when I pick my phone up from the charger is to check the battery level, which the charger unplugged notification blocks since my charger decided to unplug itself.


Hey cy8aer!
Thx for the remark.
Shifting the notification down was only my puny first thought to get it “out of the way”.
What about the second suggestion to shift them down just a bit (by the hight of the statusbar)?
Possibly while on homescreen/multitask view it could act like an app tile and have its own dedicated space just below the statusbar and push active app tiles down?
I just look for a solution so notifications do not block anything.
Changed the topic title to reflect that.


I completely agree the bar-style notifications needs to stop hiding important and often related information (on the home screen, in apps it works fine).
What i however can’t get behind is moving the bubble/overlay notifications to the bottom. People naturally pay more attention to top and center things, and that’s the point. If they interfere with the status bar, move them down (just) below it.

Perhaps the bar notifications should be removed completely and replaced by bubbles with some other style. I’m not a big fan of what happened to the “call ended” notification, but at least it doesn’t hide the network connectivity indicator anymore.


Is there a way to turn the notifications off?


You can remove the notification to plug in or unplug the charger by swiping up.


Most of you will know but it took some time for me to find out. You of course can swipe a notification away to the left/right. Though this will not help if you are spammed with notifications. Hm, and @mosen mentioned it in the first post.



  • Line 143 aays “top: parent.top”; change it to “bottom: parent.bottom”

Of course, you mess around with this stuff at your own risk. Make backups, and also wise to unapply or uninstall patches that may use these files first…


Permanently remove. So they don’t happen at all. Mostly interested in the SMS notifications.

Which OS version are you running?, that code doesn’t exist at line 143, all I see is a closed parenthesis.

My device: Jolla1 ~ Rokua

I’m on X, same version… I guess I figured it would be the same on any device, but maybe not … Try searching for “top:” in the file.

Nvm about the notifications, how did you get that black/grey color in your Ambience?

p.s. Sorry for the offtopic question

To change highlight color to any value, follow instructions with dconf command posted in first answer here - https://together.jolla.com/question/11949/black-and-white-ambiences/
You can make bgs dark this way, but then text will be dark-on-dark in some places. So to have visible text color, with dark bgs, I changed the color value in GlassBackground qml files. There are 2, on at /usr/lib/qt5/qml/Sailfish/Silica/private/glassBackground.qml and one at /usr/share/lipstick-jolla-home-qt5/compisitor/glassBackground.qml. Those files control the appearance of elements like app covers, keyboard bg, etc. In those files, you’ll find lines like, color: Theme.highlightBackgroundColor which will cause the color to change based on your ambience color. I changed those to a har-coded value. For example, color: "#121518" Now the glass bg will be that dark color, no matter what the ambience color is. This won’t be good for you if you alternate between dark and light ambiences, but I always use dark, so it’s fine for me. You could also set it to be dynamically dark or light, but without color by using Theme.primaryColor and Theme.primaryDarkColor, but I’m not totally sure of the code on those, (it might be Theme.darkPrimary, or Theme.primaryInverse, or something )…

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Thank you very much. I will try to meddle with it a little bit. Cheers