Pure Maps (Native map app)

You can use env variable NEMO_RESOURCE_CLASS_OVERRIDE and set it to some better value than navigator (that one is set in Pure Maps). Looks like if you set it to player, it may play as regular BT player.

See the following commit for details:


Thanks for this hint, rinigus. I will try this.

Well, setting the env var with “export NEMO_RESOURCE_CLASS_OVERRIDE=player” (in terminal) didn’t help. PM sounds still played via internal speaker instead of bluetooth device…

Just to be sure - did you start Pure Maps from the same terminal shell?

Oops, no (I thought, env vars would work system-wide and started PM via launcher as usual).

When starting PM from terminal too, there’s a first success: audio plays via bluetooth!

But: If audio player was started before, it stops when PM plays route announcements and woh’t start again (as it did some time ago before the bug). If there’s a chance to get this behaviour back, this would be great…

Re audio player: not Pure Maps bug. If I remember correctly, that NEMO_RESOURCE_CLASS_OVERRIDE was done to avoid it. Not much we can do on Pure Maps side.