Pure Maps (Native map app)

You can use env variable NEMO_RESOURCE_CLASS_OVERRIDE and set it to some better value than navigator (that one is set in Pure Maps). Looks like if you set it to player, it may play as regular BT player.

See the following commit for details:


Thanks for this hint, rinigus. I will try this.

Well, setting the env var with “export NEMO_RESOURCE_CLASS_OVERRIDE=player” (in terminal) didn’t help. PM sounds still played via internal speaker instead of bluetooth device…

Just to be sure - did you start Pure Maps from the same terminal shell?

Oops, no (I thought, env vars would work system-wide and started PM via launcher as usual).

When starting PM from terminal too, there’s a first success: audio plays via bluetooth!

But: If audio player was started before, it stops when PM plays route announcements and woh’t start again (as it did some time ago before the bug). If there’s a chance to get this behaviour back, this would be great…

Re audio player: not Pure Maps bug. If I remember correctly, that NEMO_RESOURCE_CLASS_OVERRIDE was done to avoid it. Not much we can do on Pure Maps side.

I’m having some trouble getting Pure Maps to work with my freshly created HERE API key. It seems to mostly work, I see the map when I open PM (and it’s clearly a different map from when I used the offline profile with OSM Scout Server). Searching for addresses also works and the map tiles load fine for those.

But when I do navigation and then start it, it only shows the blue line from the navigation, but all the files fail to load with a “Failed to load tile 14/8404/5382=>14 for source raster: HTTP status code 403”. This line appears multiple times, with only the tile numbers changing a bit - I presume from trying to load all the tiles in view.

I have not set up billing information in my HERE account, because I’m worried about using too many requests and then being stuck with a bill, but from what I understand that shouldn’t be an issue here. I’ve only played around with it for a little bit now, I don’t assume I’ve already used more than then 1000 free requests.

Anybody experienced this as well? Any possible solutions for this?

There was some discussion about similar HTTP Error 403 problems in April of this year (2023). Maybe this Pure Maps (Native map app) - #177 by Werbaer post, and discussion previous to it, could help you sort this out?

Well, this definitely looks like a step in the right direction. I had no idea that this was a separate “service” that needed to be “linked”. I did that, and then made sure that my app uses the “Starter Project” that I linked the services to (which wasn’t mentioned in that post).

Still doesn’t work, though. I’ll see if I can figure out why, since the live traffic is the only reason I want to try using HERE.

This probably wasn’t the case when the Pure Maps had the HERE integration implemented, but to me it seems like HERE changed their APIs last spring and now you need to take extra steps.

HERE may have changed API a bit. I will have to look into that soon as they started migration from one system to another. It may relate to that transition at HERE. Not sure when I get time for it, though.

Please add issue at Pure Maps with the description of what you did. That way it will be filed and in front of me when I get there

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Hi guys, I am not sure if the question has even been raised, but is there a chance to render trekking/hicking trails (usually coloured ones) in pure maps. It is possible using osm scout but I found no way to make it possible with pure maps.


If you go to navigation, you can select change provider in the pulley menu and there you can select gpx


I am not sure, but it seems to no not affect the rendering of the tracks itself. Only how the routing is realised. Or did I overlook something?

oh, yes i think colors are not represented in the rendering, but i don’t know i just tested it once

I haven’t checked it for a while. Please open an issue and add corresponding screenshot