Pure Maps (Native map app)

So the moment is finally here. The most needed native app of all times (ok maybe) has landed in the Official Store after all these years.

First and foremost a HUUUUGE thanks to @rinigus. And a thanks to jolla for finally sorting the API situation out -even though it took them a while (cough cough :smiley:)


Congratulations! :smiley: This is grreat!

Are there (or will in the forseeable future) be any differences to the openrepos version?

Installed it just now, works very very fine!

Thank you so much @ApB & @rinigus !!

Had to reinstall OSM Scout Server & OSM Scout Server Module: Route to make it finally work perfect.

But I can’t find the way to make it work with my installed offline maps! Is that not yet implemented?

edit: have not yet installed the speech modules from openrepos. Making them available on Jolla Store would be great!

  • OSM Scout Server Module: Route - not needed anymore. Actually should delete that from Store somehow.

  • OSM Scout Server in the Store is not up to date. You have to use the one at OpenRepos.


Differences are written down in the description at Store. So far, geo: handler didn’t make it; there are issues with the booster, so that one is disabled in the Store.

Right now I don’t think of anything that could diverge the builds further. But it already requires separate build for the Store with those changes applied while packaging RPM.



Now the app requests to install text to speech TTS engine, because ‘not found’.

mimic by rinigus was it (from openrepos) needed very long time for installing, but after 1/4 hour it was installed.
So I rebooted the phone and

OT: Phone stays off and did not immediately reboot!!!

Still error message “speech navigation for the selected languade is missing” (in german)… trying switch app to English…

No effect, app stays deutsch

Reboot of phone…
OT: this time it didn’t stay off but rebooted immediately…

Found comment in settings/Test regarding supported speech engines:
mimic, Flite, PicoTTS, EspeakTTS,
installed all from Openrepos, additional flite-minimal by taixzo

Success!! now it works!

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Not available on my old Jolla 1 :sob:
But ok on IntexAquafish (as Jolla C) and on my XA2 (my regular phone for every day !)

Unfortunately there are no maps shown in Pure Map’s offline mode!

Can Pure Maps use the downloaded offline maps of OSM Scout?

Can’t find any way to import them into Pure Maps.

Tap on menu in Pure Maps (the dots), last entry, Profile, choose “offline”.

This is exactly what I did, and the result is that the maps disappear in offline mode.
Enabling online mode - maps come back, disable again - maps gone again.

The app loads the maps from the internet and has seemingly no access to the maps stored on the phone.

You have to use OSM Scout Server | OpenRepos.net — Community Repository System . As described in the description of Pure Maps in the Store, only OpenRepos version of OSM Scout Server is suitable.

OSM Scout by Karry does not provide interface for use by other apps - as it is not the target audience. So, you cannot use that instead.

On why OSM Scout Server is not in the Store - the info has been published extensively before and I would prefer not to repeat it many times.


I once missed a message in the OSM server, saying that I had to download maps again because mine were incompatible. Ignoring that leaves one wo offline maps, disapearing maps when offline and tile not in cache…

Exactly this happened also to me. I did not make the initial setup because I had overseen that I have to do so. Later I downloaded the initial worldwide files and now downloading the country maps. File size is much larger than the old maps.

Just to be clear. I have nothing to do with the development of the app. So only thank rinigus.

Stupid question probably but: What does the booster do?

Very good news !!


Don’t know specifics. To my knowledge, booster preloads libraries to speed up app loading. For some reason, it does fail in Pure Maps case and ‘classical’ loading of the libs is needed.


Ok. Thanks. I suppose it doesn’t have to do with the snappiness of the UI or something. Yesterday i was testing and it felt a bit choppy on occasion but now that i am testing it it looks ok. Will keep an eye on it and let you know if i see anything weird.

BTW swiping back from a setting (ie preferences) and getting you back on the map instead of the previous page is/was done on purpose i believe right??

It could be snappiness on start. Later should not be a difference, but, as I don’t know how it is implemented in practice, I cannot be 100% sure.

Re swiping back: yes, that was made on purpose as it allows to get back to some other choices better (in particular Search).


Am I alone here with this problem? Trying to install OSM Scout Server from OpenRepos I get ‘An error occured’ and then ‘Nothing provides libicui18n.so.68 needed by harbour-osmscout-server-2.0.2-1.armv7hl’.

Any ideas?