Option to display date on home screen

Hello sailors!

I’m interested to know if others are like me in wishing it was possible to add the date alongside the time at the top of the Sailfish OS home screen. The killer UX for me being that this would allow you to ‘peak’ to find out the date.

This has been discussed since way back but as far as I know never implemented:

Do others find themselves hankering after this?



X10 II: after enabling LPM with mcetool, date is now visible enough for me.

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Yes, I would like to have the date (short format, just day and month: 21/5 or 21-05) alongside (or under, when using long screen) the time on the home screen. The date is almost there; it’s squeezed in between time and weather on the notification screen/area (one swipe left/right away), and that’s good, and though it’s in contrasting colour, the font and padding is rather small and I hardly see it.

The same goes for X10 lll.

I’d like time and date on the pulldown menu.

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Can you elaborate on what date visibility change you are referring to here?

I enabled LPM with mcetool but haven’t noticed any change related to date display and wouldn’t really expect to.

To be clear this post relates to the fact that only the time is displayed at the top of home screen and it is this view that is available when you use side swipe/release to ‘peek’ at the home screen behind a running app.

I understand OP problem vector, but after enabling LPM, I feel like the date is now on display often enough that I don’t look for further awareness mechanisms anymore.

Weather symbol is an additional bonus point for LPM, too.