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Take a photo by pressing either of the volume buttons (this certainly applies to my Xperia 10 ii).

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A famous one: if you need to rotate the device but don’t want your app to go in landscape mode (or viceversa), keep a finger on the screen while rotating to temporarily deactivate the sensor.


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I just found this page in the official documentation: Sailfish OS Tips & Tricks | Sailfish OS Documentation


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Press power button once to blank the screen, then, double press the power button to go straight back to the last you left open/running. This is certainly the case on Jolla1, untested on Xperia 10 II.


Nice one. Works on xa2, too.

Plan is that we start gathering general user Tips & Tricks to the docs. If you have good ideas, contributions are welcome as always. There are already good ones added here.

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I think, this should be implemented per web page and not in the browser. Like most of the websites have “Scroll to Top” option. I haven’t seen “Scroll to Bottom” though.

There are some other tips and tricks written in German on this site: Tipps & Tricks – Sailfishmods
And in English: Sailfish OS - Tips

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Thanks, nice tricks there.
For me, especially the " Reduce the popup time of accented characters"

1 quick question - how to install mcetool? I can’t find in this forum.

pkcon update
devel-su pkcon install mce-tools

“Disable the animation displayed when waking up device” - This really helped me as this little animation was annoying me for so loooong.


SailfishOS optimize speed by disabling transparency (hack):

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In sailfish x in order to prevent the indefinitely spinning wheel at boot after submission of the unlock code, wait for 5 to 7 seconds before entering the unlock code, when the digits appear on the screen. Many times i were too impatient and had to reboot about 5 times until i got in.


Anyone found a bugreport related to this?