Nokiaish always-on screen on OLED devices

The famous Nokia N9 could leave the OLED screen when idle, displaying time and weather and maybe notifications in low-power-mode. Is it feasible to implement this feature on the recent officially supported OLED-devices like the Xperia 10ii?
Thanks in advance!


There is “low power mode” that can be simply activated. See this thread: Sony Xperia 10II - Low power mode

Problem is that clock in this mode are frozen and are not updated :smiley: So it is useful to setup this mode just for few minutes. It would be great when this mode gets official and proper support.

Oh wow, thank you for your reply! I was aware of the LPM mode since I already had it on my Jolla 1:-) I wasn’t clear that it could also be customized, though!
However, as long the screen content ia not updated, it probably doesn’t make sense to extend the LPM-screen timeout for too long. I guess it would properly make senae to utilize different pixels in OLED mode from every few seconds in order to prevent burn ins. Yes, official OLED support would really be great! Hope to aee that soon!