Sony Xperia 10 V - First impressions

I wish, but no, not yet. I think I’ll have to wait for Jolla to give me the opportunity. :wink:


Compared to my 10 II and my rephone, the screen is great, I love the plastic back (no slippery, breakable glass back) and the form factor. The not so rounded edges gives a good grip . The phpne is light and the battery performance is overwhelming. Seems even better than the rephone. Even the sound got much better. At the moment there are exactly two things I hate: Android and the missing LED.


If a phone is longer than the average penis length then its designed wrong. Fact.


So my phone could get a little longer to match.:smiley: Great comparison


I don’t really care about the missing led. 10 years on Sailfish and I’ve never even bothered to learn what it’s all about.
But you are right, Android is bad. So bad that I’ve actually put the phone back in the box, waiting for Jolla. :slightly_smiling_face:


For the missing LED you can activate Nokiaish always-on screen on OLED devices

I have activated it for my xz2 compact community SFOS Port when pulling it out of the Pocket or move the Hand over the top of the Smartphone (Depth-Sensor on Front)


So phones in Ecuador can be much larger than in cambodia. :slight_smile:



Now this Video makes more sense to me:


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Curious about why is bad in your opinion.
Obviously I prefer sailfish over android, but the truth is that the device works as it should with android.

Are you serious? Besides that android is a fucking mess, in terms of GUI, it also is part of american surveillance systems. Not to mention what google alone do to your privacy and your data.


You said you put it back in the box so I assumed it was lacking something in the user experience department, that’s why I asked.

Well, it was lacking Sailfish OS. Other than that, I’m sure I will be very happy with the device, when it finally happens. :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice. Still waiting for mine to arrive and hope for a good experience!


Mansell, it was what we in the British Navy call… a lack of discipline.


Or you could call it inquisitiveness. :wink:


Goshdangit, the price of the device seems to be going up? It doesn’t seem to be sold new under 448 € anywhere in Finland (though Elisa is still selling it at 349 € for the existing customers, now touting a -100 € sale instead of the -50 € which they had when it was selling at 399 € a week back).

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There still seems to be good stock available (e.g. 100+: so I’m guessing myself one is safe to wait some more for (official announcement of incoming 10 V support || next sale campaign). Multiple stores had back-to-back sales campaigns for it the whole February, 450 € being the nominal price.


I’m waiting with the order for official start of Sailfish X for this device. I would risk and will order an Asian’s version XQ-DC72 because of two physical sim cards and 8GB RAM. Currently I have a sailfish os device with a community support, but the problem with recognition of the cards avoids productive usage.
I know the developer confirmed this model number too but I don’t want to buy a device for over 400 Euro for my drawer :slight_smile:


If you want a flip cover to the X10V, I can recommend this one.
Fairly thin and magnetic.


What I truely hate about the Xperia 10s is the on-off-button on the side, exactly where in so many situations/positions I naturaly place my fingers to grab the phone. Pressing there a number of seconds shuts down the phone without confirmation from me. … :frowning:

Moreover the plastic in the back cover of my current X 10 ii is much too slippery, (having dry skin accentuates problem of holding/grabbing the phone), makng the phone actually slide off horizontal planes. The Xpera 10 III feels similar, but I haven’t bothered to install SFOS and take it in use (due to some serious SFOS function issues with the III). Haven’t yet unpacked my new V and checked whether there are any changes to the plastic quality, (awaiting official announcement on SFOS application).

I would also rather have the USB charge port on the top surface in stead of current position at the bottom.