Sony Xperia 10II - Low power mode

After activating the low power mode by

mcetool --set-low-power-mode=enabled

the device is acting well. Only the period of time the date and time is displayed is too short.
Which parameter has to get changed to extend the time periode that the date and time is diplayed longer / 3 times longer would be fine.


mcetool - prints all current settings

mcetool --long-help - prints ALL options with short descriptions of settings

mcetool --set-low-power-mode=enabled / mcetool --set-low-power-mode=disabled

To prolong the time the display is active for, you need to adjust the DEFAULT 5 seconds, you can do this with the folowing;
mcetool --set-blank-from-lpm-on-timeout=15

There’s a small typo in there, it should be --set-blank-from-lpm-on-timeout, but either way that parameter doesn’t work on the Xperia 10 II. The LPM screen is only visible for about a second at most, regardless of how seconds the abovementioned parameter is set to.

And one more thing: the Xperia 10 II seems to suffer from the same proximity sensor issues as the Xperia 10 and Xperia XA2 (and occasionally the Xperia X), which means you will only occasionally get the LPM screen to show up when you take the device out of your pocket or wave your hand in front of it. Usually it just stays black and you have to use the power button or the fingerprint sensor (which is also the power button) to turn on the screen.

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