No audio in a telephone call,, XA2

After upgrading from to there was no audio in telephone calls. The ringing was ok and a connection was established, but the telephone partners could not hear the other one. Restarts did not help.
By chance I stopped WLAN and restablished it. Afterwards the audio in telephone calls was working.
Does someone know what is going on there?
Is this a bug?

Best regards, Uwe.


And accompanying us since a long time already…

Just type ‘audio call xa2’ in the search box and you will be greeted with e.g.

et al.

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Same thing for me.
Appeared for the first time with the latest release.
Rebooting fix this (for now).

Happened to me too and no reboot helped, thought phone broken so to test mounted Android back and everything is fine. Sad but for now I am without Sailfish as I lost trust. Must have another phone as backup and I do not like that.then I fix my XA2 back to Sailfish. Realy hope they fix it:

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Thank you for this link.
Best regards, Uwe.

Same for me. I was not affected by this bug before, I am now.

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