No audio in a telephone call,, XA2

Happened to me too and no reboot helped, thought phone broken so to test mounted Android back and everything is fine. Sad but for now I am without Sailfish as I lost trust. Must have another phone as backup and I do not like that.then I fix my XA2 back to Sailfish. Realy hope they fix it:

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Thank you for this link.
Best regards, Uwe.

Same for me. I was not affected by this bug before, I am now.

Xperia XA2 Ultra Dual-Sim

sadly, I have the same problem. I was really hoping this time the update of sailfish os won’t brake anything and it looked promising until I got my first call…

I have an XA2 (H4113) in this situation (SFOS I can try things for a while before reboot. Any suggestions that were not mentionend in related posts? (And an XA2 plus too…)

I killed:

  • /system/bin/audioserver
  • /usr/sbin/ofonod ....
No effect.
Then, killing adsprpcd brought audio back...
(the XA2plus has audio now, don't know what happened in between...)

I also am now experiencing this bug for the first time since upgrading to on my XA2. Rebooting the phone fixed the problem for a while before it happened again, and then rebooting the phone fixed the problem again for a while before it happened again … etc. Really shouldn’t have keep doing this though to just to get the phone working as a phone (clue is in the word ‘phone’). Unless Aurora OS is a lot more reliable on the basic functionality than Sailfish is I can’t help wonder how their paying Russian customers tolerate all these problems, many of which seem to have been ongoing for years…

Is it the case that Jolla @jovirkku are no longer tracking this bug or think it is fixed? Or was it fixed but has now been re-introduced with the latest release I wonder?

I too think there should be some explanation by Jolla about this. I have an xa2 paperweight and am forced to use an xa2ultra which I is too big for my liking. There are several forum posts and TJO threads, none of which offer proven solutions.

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I think it would be good to check if this (kill) adsprpcd
is reproducible…

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Same here - same upgrade, same model. However, rebooting didn’t help in my case.

I wish I knew the reasons - clearly not everybody seems to be affected.

I have also have been this issue with XA2 H4113, for me it’s that some times audio won’t work after reboot. So I will do test always call after reboot. To see if it works or not. After successful call it works until next boot.
My guess is that it’s firmware issue on Sony’s binaries.

If it were Sony binaries would not the same thing happen with an original Android XA2? Having used my XA2 with Android for months before I flashed it with Sailfish this problem never happened to me … but it did started happening when I flashed Sailfish 4 to the XA2.

Not all versions but in SW_binaries_for_Xperia_Android_8.1.6.4_r1_v16_nile image. And Sailfish X won’t support Android 9 binairies on XA2. What version of android you had before flashing?

Oreo - Android 8

Android 8.0 and not 8.1? It still can be different version, as it’s overwriten durring flashing sailfish.

Didn’t ever check that closely; Its an XA2 from 2018, so it would have had what that model originally came with. I have refreshed it several times with SFOS and always used the earlier binaries (v16 I think) as the later one apparently doesn’t work to well with the 5GHz wireless. But I still can’t imagine this can make any difference as this problem seems to affect many phone models, not just the XA2.

I have used also v16 binaries only, maybe need to test v17b it has effect. But I have had always this problem on XA2 with all versions of Sailfish X from 3.2.1 → At least with my Jolla1 won’t have this problem.

Killed /odm/bin/adsprpcd (sig=15), no audio, killed /odm/bin/adsprpcd audiopd and audio was back.@jovirkku, does this help?


It does help indeed. Same experience here, killing adsprpcdonly didn’t help… but killing adsprpcd audiopdthen that respawned and the issue is fixed (for now I guess) without the need to reboot.

Is this an indication that the boot seq. is not fully correct? Are these deamons being initialized too soon? As in before the actual devices are available or the correct volume mixer settings are loaded?

So the full instruction set:
$ devel-su
# ps ax | grep adsprpcd
from the output there will be 2 entries with the same binary name: adsprpcd, use the PID for the entry with adsprpcd audiopd in next line.
# kill #here_number_pid#

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